The Ionian Revolt – Men of Bronze Supplement

The Ionian Revolt – Men of Bronze Supplement

Publisher: Blood and Spectacles Publishing

Welcome to The Ionian Revolt which is a supplement to Men of Bronze from the Osprey Wargaming Series 24 (OWG 24) written by Eric Farrington.  This is not a stand alone game.  To make use of these Lines of Battle lists, scenarios, and campaign you will need a copy of the Men of Bronze rules to take full advantage of these rules.  The Men of Bronze rules can be purchased wherever fine books are sold, and can easily be found on the Osprey Wargaming Series website here:

These Lines of Battle, scenarios, campaign and rules expansions were created and published by Eric Farrington, the author of Men of Bronze on the Blood and Spectacles Blog.  The blog can be found here:

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[Tier 2 One-Shot] The Hunt

[Tier 2 One-Shot] The Hunt

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The characters investigate the mysterious plague that has hit the region around two villages: Aita and San Jado. As they investigate the origin of the plague, they will discover multiple corpses that tell clues of what has happened. They might encounter diseased wild animals, maddened cannibals, or even someone they know and care about, which can become an obstacle to their progress. The party will discover the plague’s source is the region’s apex predator – a maddened lion. With its body twisted into horrific forms, its only desire is to consume everything on its way.

This is a gruesome horror adventure optimized for four 5th-level characters. It can be played in one sitting of 3 to 5 hours in which you and your players will explore the devastation caused by an alien organism, building up to an epic boss fight. 

This title includes:

A tier 2 one-shot horror adventure
Epic boss fight designed with an action-oriented statblock
Optional handouts for a more interactive LARP element

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