Lair of Black Death

Lair of Black Death

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Black Death, the name feared by many on the Sword Coast, the tyrant, and ruler of the Mere of Dead Men a terrible swamp south of the city of Leilon. One of the best-guarded secrets of the region is that Voaraghamanthar is in fact two dragons sharing the same name. The twins share a weird relationship (at least for dragons) in which they share a lair, a hoard and sightings. They never appear at the same time and the fact that the creature can cover great distances and do so much at the same time is attributed to its speed or perhaps even teleportation.

The dragons seldom attack cities and live secluded in their lair, however, as the Cult of the Dragon meddles in the dragon’s affairs their attention shifts from their pursuit of immortality toward the outside world again.

What begins as the liberation of a tribe of lizardfolk becomes a lethal dungeon delve in which few can survive. 

 Lair of Black Death is a 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure for characters of levels 9-13. It will take 16 to 24 hours to complete.

This product comes with 21 pages of content, 4 high quality maps, exciting new stat blocks for dragons and new stories in the Sword Coast in the Forgotten Realms.

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Spells: Made More Magical (system neutral)

Spells: Made More Magical (system neutral)

Publisher: Periapt Games

A module for wild and unpredictable sorcery

To complement any fantasy roleplaying game

In many fantasy role-playing games, spellcasting is safe and standardised. Instead of being inscrutable and fickle, spell effects are often fixed and understandable. Magic is treated at most gaming tables as a kind of technology, because it always does what it says on the label.

You may want an element of the wild and unpredictable instead. You may want your Spells Made More Magical.

In this module, you’ll find:

System-neutral options for degrees of success and failure in spellcasting
Three distinct dice mechanics that can be used to produce degrees of success
In-depth guidance for minor failures, catastrophic failures, and extraordinary successes
GM advice about balance, play styles, character advancement, and integrating new rules with your game
Twelve tables of random magical effects

You’ll receive:

The 14-page full colour PDF
A compressed, reduced-colour version for home printing on A4 paper
A compressed, reduced-colour version for home printing on US letter paper

COMING SOON: If you’re interested in a version of Spells: Made More Magical adapted for the fifth edition of the world’s most popular TTRPG, you can click here!

Check out the Periapt Games DriveThruRPG store page for other fun, thoughtful, low-price RPG resources!

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Freaky Flora and Fungi

Freaky Flora and Fungi

Publisher: Fishwife Games

Freaky Flora and Fungi
A Collection of 12 Plants and Fungi for the Mutant Romp! TTRPG

As you creep your way through the dense, multicolored vegetation you are suddenly knocked off your feet by a burst of electrical energy. The world dims around you as you black out. After few minutes of unconsciousness your eyes open. Half stunned, you try to shake off the effects as you look over at Talora, the group’s naturalist. “What in the curse of the Ancients just hit me!” you exclaim.

Talora carefully retraces your steps and then suddenly stops. You follow her gaze to bushy plant. The colorful flowers of this plant flicker with varying hues.

“Zapflux flower,” Talora replies as she cautiously studies the weed, “I’m surprised you didn’t spot it before you brushed up against it…”
“Zapflux?”, you ask as you get back to your feet, “you mean that weed shocked me!?!”
“Yes,” Talora replies, “please slow your pace here on out and try to be a bit more cautious…”

The wasteland wilderness is full of all sorts of plants and fungi that can either help you or do you harm. This Mutant Romp! supplement introduces a dozen new flora and fungi that the Game Master (GM) can throw into their gaming session.

Sample Entry:

TYPE: Flowering plant
IDENTIFICATION: Intellect check (Dif:+6)
GAME USE: Hazard: poison gas
HABITAT: Warm meadows, forests, jungles, and marshes
NOTABLE FEATURE: Beautiful blooms and a sweet raspberry like fragrance
HEIGHT RANGE: 6 to 11 feet
AREA SPREAD: 1 to 4 squares
DESCRIPTION: These beautiful tall flowers produce a sweet fragrance that is primarily used to lure in small herbivores. Once a creature comes within 2 squares of the fogbloom plant the flowers produce a pinkish colored vapor that quickly fills up a 3 square radius around the plant. Any normal living thing within this area of the fogbloom plant must succeed an Endurance check (Dif:+8) or become injured and knocked out by the fogbloom’s mist.

The plant uses this gas as a means of enriching the surrounding soil. Very small critters are often immediately slain by the gas, leaving behind a carcass that slowly rots and enriches the soil. A telltale sign that something is up can be revealed (Perception check: Dif+5) through the presence of tiny bones and clumps of fur in the ground around the plant.

Fogbloom Vapor (Inhaled): End. Check: Dif:+8, Onset: 1d4 turns, Toxic Injury: 2d8, Condition: Unconscious (1d4 hours)

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Art Resource: AI Art Pack 2

Art Resource: AI Art Pack 2

Publisher: Sqeezi Games

Art Resource: AI Art Pack 2
from Sqeezi Games

20 AI-Generated Images

This is the second pack from the new series of more affordable art packs for all artists and publishers to use however you want!

These un-edited, ai-generated images can be used for paintovers, photobashing, as start images in your AI engine, or even as-is for games, RPG books, 3d projects, and more free of restrictions and/or clauses.

This pack contains a variety of AI-generated textures and images designed for fantasy, horror, scifi, etc. The platform we use grants a license free of restrictions, and we are passing those rights on to you.

Why AI Art? A Note from the Publisher

AI-generated art is a controversial topic right now. While these tools have existed for years, they’ve just begun hitting the mainstream the past few months, and there is a lot of confusion surrounding all things AI. As a longtime artist myself (2d/digital painting, 3d, tradiitonal – I love my pencils on real paper), I feel it’s just another tool, and it can be quite useful to artists and publishers alike. My goal with this series of AI Art Packs is to bring you a low-cost source of inspiration, idea generation, and even final output for your published products. As the tools get better, I hope to see even more publishers AND artists using them to create their vision. I’m personally excited about the possibilities of this medium rather than threatened by it.

While they can certainly be used as-is (great for your World Anvil page headers), the images in this pack are also great starting points – paint over them, create a Photoshop brush, use them as a texture screen over your paintings – there are so many ways you can use the images and I hope they aid you in your quest for creating your own art!

-Donnie Maynard Christianson, Artist & Owner,

Sqeezi Games


Per DTRPG requirements:

This product contains assets that were procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning.

The tool used to create the raw output of this artwork are as follows:

MidJourney, as prompted and curated by the artist, Donnie Maynard Christianson.

Additional software (“Handcrafted” in DriveThruRPG terms) used to enhance and customize the AI-generated images includes:

Photoshop – for hand-painting, complete paintovers/digital painting, sketching, digital pencils, & retouching
Luminar – for adjusting contrast, color, and other value editing, upscaling as needed, final export/output
(note: this pack is un-edited from the original MJ files)

Sqeezi Games Stock Art License for AI Art Packs

You MAY:

Use these files however you want – Sqeezi Games grants you non-exclusive rights to use these files as you wish. (Please note this license applies ONLY to our AI Art Packs designated as such, it does not apply to other Sqeezi Games stock art)
If you have any questions regarding this license, or if you need custom artwork or editing, please contact me.
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