Arms and Artifacts of Zul-Tome 5

Arms and Artifacts of Zul-Tome 5

Publisher: ZealZaddy

In the mythical World of Zul, swords and sorcery are the keys to battling monsters and ungodly extraplanar creatures, claiming the riches of ages, and forging new empires. In “Arms and Artifacts of Zul: Tome V,” you’ll find the stuff, and treasures, of legend: the legendary ranged disk weapon of an ancient Warrior Princess; a magical spear wielded by an ancient Elvish chieftain; and enchanted carved jade amulets from the mysterious Far East, with powers over life and death.

“Arms and Artifacts of Zul: Tome V:” part of a series that introduces magical items unique to the “World of Zul” and “Free City of Vadashar” campaign settings for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. There’s also a brief history of the Free City of Vadashar.

The Free City of Vadashar
The Free City of Vadashar includes a line of sourcebooks, adventure supplements, campaign guides, and extensive information about the unique setting of Vadashar, which was introduced in 1980 and combines a variety of fantasy elements: sword and sorcery evoking the worlds of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian, Clark Ashton Smith’s Zothique cycle, the Sword and Soul fiction of Charles R. Saunders, the shared universe of Thieves’ World, the intrigue and derring do of Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastard sequence, the carefree swashbuckling of Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, and the modern film science fiction horror of the Alien and Prometheus franchise.
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The Meshan Saga issue 6

The Meshan Saga issue 6

Publisher: FSpace Publications

The New Zealand Fanzine for Traveller roleplaying from the 1990s.

Articles include:

Race Name: Luriani by Andrew Moffatt-Vallance
The Efrip and Akhrini by Andrew Moffatt-Vallance
Wyld Worlds Subsector by Paul Ridgway

Articles available are related to some minor alien races and the Wyld Worlds Subsector of Yiklerzdanzh sector. Re-released in 2022 following nearly 2 decades withdrawn because of a rights withdrawal by a contributor. That person’s articles have been redacted in this re-release, so other content can continue to be available to the community.

Free fanzine – non commercial.

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Blue Bolt #4a

Blue Bolt #4a

Publisher: Lucky Comics

Blue Bolt #4a

From the Golden Age of Comics!!! Blue Bolt #4. Concluding a NEW era for the famed hero! Retro art by Erik Franklin. Written by Marvel Comics veteran Lou Mougin.

This Issue: The final battle with Green Sorceress!!!

Cover A by Erik Franklin

Pages: 8

Format: B&W 

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Darkfleet: Command – Quickstart Rules

Darkfleet: Command – Quickstart Rules

Publisher: ohhigames

Darkfleet: Command is a 2+ player versus tabletop strategy game where you command a crew aboard your ship during a space fantasy conflict of intergalactic consequence. Each player controls one ship and four crew, strategically stationing them in your wide array of ship systems to take down your opponents.

Darkfleet: Command requires only access to the rules, printed ship terminals, six-sided dice, and a friend or three.

This product is a free download to begin playing and will remain free. Full core rules releasing soon with a wider array of content, as well as unique Faction Dossiers in the works.

Join the Oh Hi Games discord for discussion and feedback!

Update 9/25/22: Specified starting reactor power on page 6.

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Squad of Five Game Tokens

Squad of Five Game Tokens

Publisher: Warden’s Wreath

Need a squad of minions for your tabletop game? Can’t drag an entire bestiary of models around with you to game nights?

Then look no further because this product is for you!

Contains 5 STL files with 5 distinct table top tokens that when printed with any 3d printer can be used to represent allies, enemies, and innocent bystanders for TTRPG and Wargame scenarios.

Tokens are created at 24mm diameter but can of course be scaled as needed.

All tokens have an arrow modelled into them to indicate facing direction of the character they represent.

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