Bloodied & Bruised – Curse of Strahd

Bloodied & Bruised – Curse of Strahd

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

New Combat Actions for the Creatures in Curse of Strahd

The bugbear chief nurses a gushing wound in her side before issuing an order of retreat to her allies. A bright light forms around the angel’s dying body, blinding everyone near it as it passes on from the world of the living. With blood streaming down its torso, an enraged hill giant slams its fists into the ground and causes the earth around it to quake. 

Bloodied & Bruised is a series providing new combat actions for the creatures in the 5e roster. When pushed to their limits in combat, these monsters, critters, fiends, and foes gain new abilities that aid them in battle, or perhaps spell their doom depending on the circumstances. Bloodied & Bruised takes inspiration from the “bloodied” condition from 4e, making entirely new combat actions that can completely change the nature of a fight.

In addition, Bloodied & Bruised also introduces several “death throes” to the game, marking the demise of certain creatures with a grand explosion, heavy fall, or other unique effect to make the slaying of a great monster a truly unique experience.

Examples of Bloodied Actions

Baba Lysaga
When bloodied at 60 HP, Baba Lysaga has the following features.

Frailty: A Mother’s Love. While bloodied, a creature can use its action to threaten Strahd von Zarovich. Upon hearing the threat to the being she loves the most, Baba Lysaga must succeed on a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw or be enraged, exclusively targeting the creature that threatened Strahd with spells and attacks until she or the creature dies. If multiple creatures threaten Strahd, Baba Lysaga can choose any of those creatures to target.
Strength: Gifts from Mother Night. While bloodied, Baba Lysaga is resistant to damage dealt by spells and other magical effects. In addition, her AC increases by 2.
New Ability: Cast Attack. While bloodied, if Baba Lysaga uses an action to cast a spell, she can make a melee attack as a bonus action.
Trigger Ability: Spellcasting. When first bloodied, Baba Lysaga can use a reaction to cast a spell that normally requires an action to cast. This reaction is limited to spells that are 5th level or lower.

Izek Strazni
When bloodied at 56 HP, Izek Strazni has the following features.

Strength: Brave. While bloodied, Izek has advantage on saving throws against being frightened.
Strength: Frightener’s Resolve. While bloodied, Izek has advantage on attack rolls against creatures that are frightened.
New Ability: Death’s Face. While bloodied, if Izek scores a critical hit against a creature using his Battleaxe, he can force the creature to make a DC 14 Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the creature is frightened of Izek for 1 minute. A frightened creature can repeat its saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success.

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Dungeon Hooks SideQuest Deck

Dungeon Hooks SideQuest Deck

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Fireteam: Tactical Spec-Ops Action [Test Model-01]

Fireteam: Tactical Spec-Ops Action [Test Model-01]

Publisher: Infinite Press

++ Incoming Briefing ++

Tactical Spec-Ops Action

Fireteam is a rules-light skirmish wargame intended to be easy to play. Fireteam is focused on campaign play, although skirmish is also playable.

Test Model-01

This version of the game is in development and is everchanging. I ask all prospector commanders to give this game a try and provide feedback. (Please note that English is not my native language, so any feedback regarding language is welcome)


Thank you and have fun

++ Transmission Ended ++

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The 24 Hour Dungeon

The 24 Hour Dungeon

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Clock is Ticking

Tol’Vain is actually an ancient Silver Dragon. He has taken human form to give him the ability to be among them more freely. In his past, Tol’Vain was a supportive and helpful friend to humanity and all creatures. Unfortunately, humanity far too often double crossed or attacked him trying to steal his massive amount of loot or gain access to his knowledge or magical abilities. After centuries of this, Tol’Vain could take no more and his attitude toward all creatures began to change. In his mind, he would be saving humanity by controlling them. To that end, Tol’Vain’s minions capture creatures from all over the land with varying backgrounds to place inside his dungeon so they can be studied. Will he gather the information needed to start his war on humanity or will this new group rise to the occasion and put a stop to his trials?

This is a timed dungeon adventure inspired by the escape room games. The players will have 24 in game hours to escape the dungeon. After an initial conversation with Tol’Vain, the clock will start. This is a puzzle/roleplay heavy game with just enough combat mixed in to keep it interesting. Will your players be able to escape? Or, will the perish in the interdimensional chaos? Only time will tell.

About This Adventure

A fun and exciting adventure that has a little bit of everything; puzzles, combat, roleplaying, and exploration
Made for 3-5 fifth level characters
Can be dropped into any setting
Starting Level: 5
Sessions: 3-6
Hours Per: 3-4
System: 5E
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