Squid Game Netflix horror comedy or social commentary?

When one is bombarded by the adverts for a series sometimes you think your missing out but find the reality is somewhat different.

The series is well made and the acting quite good overall with the story progressing at most times quite rapidly.

You can see how the authors own debt and misery influenced the storyline but more worrying is the way that this is almost a documentary on social issues such as debt, death and the masses ridiculous facination with money and game shows.

It clearly shows the fragile nature of peoples lives there wish to be wealthy but little is said about the issues that arise from having wealth and the complications caused by introducing and managing money let alone the banking system trying to screw you over and the need to then bank offshore with all the issues that brings.

The grass is always greener on the other side comes to mind and the series highlights the misery of the life choices some are burdened often through the actions of others and poorly thought through social systems.

The rise of social media and the need for people to feel good about themselves to an extent of selfishness and greed is highlighted in this tv series but the issues go much deeper and it is no wonder people are hooked, its almost a was study of peoples lives and it is a sad statement of the human condition one that is being used rather than to educate instead it is being used to hook into peoples issues and in my opinion offers nothing other than reiterateimg the misery of society and all the problems human kind bring to the table.

If your looking for a misery fest to feed your struggling life with few constructive assistive comments on how to manage money and debt and want to feed into the social dystopia we find ourselves well many of you living in as you can’t turn it off or say no, good luck.