Paper MiG-21

Paper MiG-21

Publisher: Paper Forge

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This is a paper cut-out model of the MiG-21 Fishbed fighter.  The MiG-21 is drawn at 1:72 scale.  It can be built in about 30 minutes from regular printer paper. Scissors and glue are required for assembly, though a hobby knife is recommended.

Wings are cambered to make this model fully capable of flight.  A single small paper clip in the nose is all that is required for balance, and the simple but rugged construction holds up for repeated flights.

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X141 Aggressor Force Army Engineer Brigade, all theatres, 1955-1956

X141 Aggressor Force Army Engineer Brigade, all theatres, 1955-1956

Publisher: MicroMark Army Lists

X141: Aggressor Force Army Engineer Brigade, all theatres, 1955-1956


Aggressor Nation was an American designed fictional nation used for training purposes, formed in Europe and with enclaves in the USA and the Caribbean.

This list details the army level engineer brigades, which consist mostly of bridging units. Also shown is the independent Assault Engineer Battalion, which can be attached down to infantry regiment level for specific assaults against fortifications, built up areas and special missions.

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River Ford (Battletech-compatible Hexagonal Wargame Map) 36×48

River Ford (Battletech-compatible Hexagonal Wargame Map) 36×48

Publisher: Foreign Worlds Cartography

Adventure awaits! Or was it fierce battles?

River Ford provides you with a large (36×48 inches) hex battlemap consisting of a mixture of grasslands, hills, forests, swamps and rough mountain valleys, all divided by a river with a narrow crossing.

The map size is again 36 x 48 inches and is provided as print-ready (300 dpi) PDFs file as well as high quality JPEGs for your convenience. You get the complete map file, and the map in four parts for easier printing as well.

© Sebastian Breit & Foreign Worlds Cartography. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to use the images included in this product for private non-commercial use. Commercial reproduction, distribution and modification is strictly forbidden. If you wish to purchase a commercial license, please contact me at [email protected]

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Peruvian Monitor Victoria, 1/600, 1/1200

Peruvian Monitor Victoria, 1/600, 1/1200

Publisher: Long Face Games

A 3D model file of the Peruvian monitor “Victoria”. The ship was based in Callao and fought against the Spanish during the Chincha Island War of 1866. Her status in the War of the Pacific is unknown, but she makes a useful “what if?” for WitP campaigns. The model is scaled at 1/600, and prints well at 1/1200

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BLACKHORSES: Near-Peer Mechanized Warfare Scenarios for Your Favorite Tabletop Wargame 2nd Edition

BLACKHORSES: Near-Peer Mechanized Warfare Scenarios for Your Favorite Tabletop Wargame 2nd Edition

Publisher: Rolando J. Gutierrez Jr.

Wage war in the famed deserts and mountains of Donovia! Based on the real-world US military training scenarios used to test unit readiness for combat, BLACKHORSES brings the war between the fictional nations of Donovia and Atropia to your favorite tabletop wargame system! Packed with 21 scenarios, maps, and references, this source book will help you in running a full 14 day campaign over some of the most infamous and legendary terrain in the US military! Compatible with most tabletop wargaming systems!

With 11 extra maps in the FORGOTTEN FIELDS OF BATTLE expansion, additional rules for play, expanded information and capabilities for both sides, and a number of other edits and corrections, BLACKHORSES 2nd Edition is the definitive guide for tabletop wargaming the famous terrain of Donovia!

Available here in PDF digital format, BLACKHORSES 2nd Edition is also available in paperback and hardcover on Amazon now!

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Striking Effectively First

Striking Effectively First

Publisher: RCVaughan

“As a consequence, carrier battles were risky, unstable affairs that hinged on striking effectively first. To do so, a carrier force had to locate its adversary before it was detected itself, or not long after.”

– Robert C. Rubel, Deconstructing Nimitz’s Principle of Calculated Risk

This is an expansion to my ruleset There’s The Effing Scheer, which allows you to wargame early- to mid-war WW2 naval combat. This game adds an operational map for moving task forces, rules for fog of war, reconnaissance and detection, and aircraft carriers launching air strikes. 

Aircraft carriers were a huge shift in  twentieth century naval warfare. The ability to detect and strike enemies beyond line of sight upended naval strategy. The warship that had taken hundreds of thousands, if not millions, to build could be sent to the bottom by a handful of aviators shrieking in, dropping some ordnance then disappearing over the horizon.

When I first published Scheer over a year ago, I aimed to add a quick little expansion within a couple of months to bolt-on a mini-campaign system and get aircraft carriers into the fray. It has taken me a little longer, but it is a more substantial expansion that me and my playtesters are happy with.

As with the base game of Scheer, I wanted something that incorporated the fog of war and confusion of early carrier combat. Operating on half-information and making crucial decisions without all of the pieces in front of you are big parts of this game (in one Coral Sea game, I was defeated as the Americans by rushing my first strike on what turned out to be some cruisers, while the Japanese, now knowing where my carriers were, stuck effectively first and crippled both my carriers). I want to put you in the seat of Nagumo as he wonders whether or not to wait for better information or to launch now and hope you hit the right targets.

This game comes with rules for incorporating aircraft into the Scheer base game, generic operational rules for fighting multi-day engagements and four operational scenarios (Matapan, Java Sea, Coral Sea and Midway).

If you want to complete an operation in a day using a game which isn’t going to take up all of your time, give realistic results and allow you to roll some dice with friends as you refight the early naval operations of World War 2, look no further.

Happy gaming.

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