5150 Fighter Pilot

5150 Fighter Pilot

Publisher: Rebel Minis

It’s not a job, it’s an adventure!

“Yeah right, whatever. Okay, listen up kid. I’m not gonna sugar-coat it for you. Being in the Star Navy is hell and being a Fighter Pilot is even worse. You’re the first to arrive and the last to leave. What do you really do? Well, let me tell you son…”

Simply put, you’re a Fighter Pilot trying to stay alive while completing your Missions. They say the Star Navy is the tip of the Gaea Prime spear; well that makes you the tip of the tip! Your enemies are many. The Empire is hungry and growing, and that means you’re always at war. As a Star Navy Fighter Pilot you’ll be fighting other humanoids, alien races and things that don’t fit into either class.

On the way you’ll cover yourself in Fame and Glory, get all the perks that come with it, and maybe even get a promotion. But when you’re at the controls of your Fighter, all that doesn’t matter as it’s just you and them. Their faces may change, but the enemy is still the enemy, and you have a job to do. So hop to it Pilot!

You don’t even feel the bumps anymore, too many launches for that. Damn; Pilots are getting younger and younger – — or maybe you’re just getting older? The green light flashes and you run your final systems check. All’s good and you brace for blast off. BAM! The gate drops, the Fighters of your Squadron hurtle away from the Carrier and immediately spread out as they come under fire. This fur ball is danger close!

5150 Fighter Pilot has four Factions and over 16 different fighters to choose from.

And the nice thing is:

no two Missions (games) will ever play exactly the same.
Totally playable solo with rules for a Campaign with a simple way to gauge how well, or bad, you’re doing!

Playable with minis or the color counters we provide!

The last thing you remember is … FIGHTER PILOT!

It’s not a job, it’s an adventure!

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Publisher: Admiralty Trilogy Group

Tattletail is an introductory scenario for the Harpoon V game system. Set in 1991, Standing Naval Force Atlantic (STANAVFORLANT) is being shadowed by a Russian during a time of rising tensions between Russia and NATO. At the start of the scenario, the Russian vessel receives orders to attack.

  Form 10s with complete data on all ships and aircraft are provided in the supplement.

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Bayonets on Hold Preview

Bayonets on Hold Preview

Publisher: Jerboa Wargames

Bayonets on Hold

Preview file only!

These are very simple and straightforward Napoleonic rules for miniatures, based on orders’ counters placed on the table face down. Orders directly determine unit’s actions and combat outcomes.

The rules are at Regiment’s level, the name by which units were known by Generals, therefore minutia pertaining to the Company and Battalion organization are not directly addressed, they must be considered as factored-in.

The scale and abstraction levels are best represented by 1:100 (15 mm) miniatures or smaller.

There is minimal use of dice, for marginal effects only.

Any basing system will work, no base modifications required.

There are no markers, bookkeeping or cumbersome tables.
Note: if not using the base offset system proposed, shaken markers will be required.



Miniatures Scale: 1:100 (15 mm) or smaller

Simulation level: Regiment’s level; mildly abstract.

Speed: very fast.

Solo potential: very high.

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Ambush – Blitz 4 extra scenarios

Ambush – Blitz 4 extra scenarios

Publisher: Jerboa Wargames

Ambush – Blitz

The WW2 hex miniatures game.

The basic game includes mostly generic scanarios.

These are 4 historical type scenario examples, fully researched, with precise identification of the units.

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