Greetings I am DoomHippy

 Winter 2022 updates. 

I am based in the UK my time zone is GMT I am able to run games withing most time zones t o suit you and your groups.

I have been a dm for over 15 years paid dm for over 4 years i run a mix of D&D Starfinder and pathfinder and the odd bit of alien rpg COC as well i have some spaces left in new games starting for the winter 2022 please check links bellow for sessions that have been recorded.

Please note not all of the games are recorded players are asked permission and then this gives me something to show you all.




4 sessions £40=$44 usd
12 sessions £100=$111usd
24 sessions £180=201usd

Fly free or die
11 pm uk 6 pm est
(4 of 5 players )
(forum post)


D&D 5e

Baldur’s Gate:
Descent into Avernus
6.00Pm uk start 1.00 pm est
1 space
) (party of 4 )

out of the abyss (pm uk 4 pm est
2 spaces left new game start 19th

Private Table


(horizons Of The Vast)
(2spaces) new Campaign

(Saturdays Game 1)
(Saturdays game 1)
(D&D 5E tomb of annihilation )(6 pm UK )(1 pm Est) ( 1 space)
(1 pm UK )
(10 am Est)

(Sunday Game 1)
(open for booking !!)

(Sunday game 2)

threefold conspiracy
11pm UK 6 pm est


DISCORD LINK https://discord.gg/W5GfZyuXxE drop on for a chat or if you have any questions.

Payments- By PayPal only

Pease note exchange rates may vary and are subject to change without notice the, default value is UK Pounds £

Thx for looking DoomHippy!!