Pregenerated Character: Cahlin Premmod, The Draconic Guardian

Pregenerated Character: Cahlin Premmod, The Draconic Guardian

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Are you in need of a hero ready to explore, yet do not have time to make a unique character? Well here is a suitable option presented for you.

Introducing a new line of pregenerated character options for your DnD adventure, either fun one-shot or long-term campaign.

Character Included is a levels 1-20 Mettalic Dragonborn Armorer Artificer with the Clan Crafter background.

Ability Scores determined with Standard Array and Ability Score Increases used are those typically used for races/lineages.
Used only Officially Published Sources from WotC in creation process.
There is no designated appearance, nor sex, gender, age, or sexual orientation, allowing for easy customization for each and every player, as well as greater ease when working on character art.
All Characters made for use in Fifth Edition (5e) DnD

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Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying Module 2: Chamber of the Shornhorn Skald

Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying Module 2: Chamber of the Shornhorn Skald

Publisher: 9th Level Games

A terror of a forgotten time is reawakening after more than a century of slumber.

The Shornhorn Skald was a cruel and imposing force of destruction. A twelve foot tall minotaur who smashed armies and villages with equal ease, chanting dirges of annihilation and raw power.

How the creature was entombed is a lost tale, but now the wind stirs with the distant tones of terror as the Skald fights to break the ensorcellment binding it to its barrow.

Barrow of the Shornhorn Skald is best played in a single two hour session with a Maze Controller and three to five adventurers.

Are your adventurers up to the task?

For use with Mazes Fantasy Roleplaying available here

Mazes is a return to the classic sword and sorcery dungeon crawler with award-winning, yet delightfully simple modern rules. The first TTRPG to use the polymorph system, Mazes is easy to learn and teach, and ready to play without a lot of prep.

Designed for episodic play, Mazes is ideal for one-shots and conventions. It’s a distillation and modernization of the classic Dungeon Delve, making it a perfect introduction for those new to roleplaying, as well a great excuse for grognards to get back into the dungeon!

Make Characters Fast

At character creation, each player selects one polyhedral die to represent their character, and narrates actions to the Maze Controller (MC). The MC may then request rolls against a chart of moves. Players roll their one die, comparing the outcome against the success numbers listed for each move type (a BOOTS move, for example, succeeds on rolling a 2 or 3). Success numbers vary across move types, which means different die sizes are more likely to meet with different forms of success.

A Smash Hit

MAZES quietly hit the indie TTRPG scene over two years ago during the first Kickstarter Zinequest event. Fans and RPG industry leaders saw the elegant simplicity of this game’s ruleset and nominated Mazes for an ENnie for Best Rules ENNIE and an IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Award for Best Rules. Mazes won the IGDN Indie Groundbreaker Award for Best Rules in 2020! Now we’ve brought together years of development work on this brilliant underlying game system and its pulpy, dark fantasy world to bring players this definitive edition of the modern Fantasy Role Playing experience.


Mazes is powered by polymorph – which is a compact yet comprehensive rules framework for roleplaying. It’s designed to provide the full experience of a crunchy RPG, but with minimal setup and prep – all without giving up the fun, mechanical depth of an exciting roleplaying system. Sorry, there isn’t any math – we did all that work for you!  In a polymorph game, each player only ever uses a specific polyhedral die – a d4, a d6, a d8, or a d10.  Each die represents a different “way to play” or a  different “role” that they have in the group. Whenever a player asks “can I do something”, they roll their die and with a quick glance at their character sheet to know if they succeed.

There is NEVER any math involved (no modifiers, no masters). Depending on the game world and what kind of character that you are playing – you may roll with advantage or disadvantage (or not need to roll at all); and the MC (the person running the game) never rolls dice. The MC has tools to control the flow of game, and resources like the players to ensure that game play is fast, fair, and fun – without needing to memorize a million rules.


Everything you need to make characters and run games of Mazes
Carefully crafted “gold edition” of the rules — 25% new content, 25% updated, 50% collated and collected from the previous 9 zines
A Curious Grimoire & Book of Hazards — countless spells and monsters!
Guide to GMing Polymorph games and using Darkness & Treasure to inspire outstanding storytelling
Fiction “interludes” by Nat Mesnard to set the mood
Updated rules to include campaign-style play
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d12 Sites Issue 4 – Bloodied Grove

d12 Sites Issue 4 – Bloodied Grove

Publisher: YUM_DM

This is issue 4 of the successful zine, d12 Sites. This issue features a corrupted druid’s grove.  

d12 Sites is a zine that covers a new adventure location you can drop anywhere in your own D&D campaign world. It’s not just an adventure, it’s a location that can spur months of gaming. 

Issue 4 is covers the Bloodied Grove. It features a once beautiful druid’s grove that has been corrupted by the Cult of the Bloodied Hand – one that is hell-bent on enacting a ritual that will awaken a long-dormant evil. But there is more to this cult than first meets the eye.

This issue contains the following:

A New Location – The Bloodied Grove.

New Cult– The Cult of the Bloodied Hand

How to Expand the Location – I give you guidance on how to expand this location to add further depth to it.

Detailed Hooks – to get your PCs invested into this location.

Maps – A detailed map of the grove by Dyson Maps.

And much more! 

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Complete Wildspace Sheet

Complete Wildspace Sheet

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is an easy-to-use fillable PDF sheet to help build and present planets within Wildspace to your spelljamming crew! There are spaces for the various statistics of planets listed in the 2nd edition supplements Realmspace by Dale “Slade” Henson, Greyspace by Nigel Findley, and Krynnspace by Jean Rabe, as well as spaces for a system map, unique flora and fauna, and other notes.

Fillable pdf sheet openable in any pdf editor or web browser!
Both colour and monochrome versions!
Makes an awesome handout to introduce players to a planet!
Specified sections to track important elements of Wildspace planets such as their day and year length, escape time from their gravity field, ports of call, and others!
Includes an Example sheet with information on Toril!
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