Ravensrook: A Grimdark Urban Fantasy Setting

Ravensrook: A Grimdark Urban Fantasy Setting

Publisher: Wicked Studios LLC

The Lands of the Free Lords is a patchwork of petty kingdoms, bandit lords, and misfit war camps sandwiched between evil empires, do-gooder nations, and religious zealots. While regional warlords rose and fell over the ages, there was one constant within this chaotic land – the famed city of Ravensrook. The Black-Winged City of Bandits and Brigands. The only proper city within the Lands of the Free Lords.

This supplement is fully compatible with 5th edition as well as the OSR.


A history of Ravensrook and its region, the Lands of the Free Lords.
A full overview of the city’s government; Guilded-law, the Members of the Council of Lords, and the new Governor.
A full breakdown of the four tiers of the city, along with the prominent businesses and Guilds to be found in each one.
A full city map showing the locations of all the important businesses, Guild Halls, and governmental buildings.
Information on 14 different factions within the city that are vying for power and control.
Entries on the top 16 Guilds of the city.
23 entries for the most important NPCs to be found within the city along with role-playing notes.
A listing of all the Gods worshiped within Ravensrook along with monsters specific to the city and their statblocks.
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Amazing Standard Digital 006 (Super-Powered by M&M)

Amazing Standard Digital 006 (Super-Powered by M&M)

Publisher: LPJ Design

In this issue of Neighborhood Highlights, we are going to look at the Terrific Tacos & Tasty Fries Food Truck.

For the last few years, I’ve been working long hours and beating the street at all times of day and night bringing you, the virtuous citizens, insights into the good, the bad, and the exotic places around this city. To say I get to go home and have a sit-down meal with my “way too many” cats is a lie. I eat as I walk and work, most of the time. To say that I’ve seen a lot of food trucks come and go from this city is an understatement. If my expense accountant is right, I’ve eaten from around 250 different food trucks in doing this job. And you know what? Most I don’t even remember, but every now and then, a new food truck makes an impression. Terrific Tacos & Tasty Fries is one of them.

Terrific Tacos & Tasty Fries are different from most food trucks. If the lines are anything to go on, it’s not popular. It doesn’t even seem to frequent the places most other food trucks do. I’ve just happened across it a few times, in some odd places.

This PDF contains everything you need to know about the Terrific Tacos & Tasty Fries Food Truck in the Amazing Universe Campaign or any other superhero campaign

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Unexpected Downsizing

Unexpected Downsizing

Publisher: David II

The company has just informed you that your office will be immediately DOWNSIZED.

Corporate security is on its way to conduct EXIT INTERVIEWS and you have 15 minutes left in your shift.

That’s just enough time to GET EVEN and GET OUT.


The clock is ticking. Every minute counts. Get even and get out, before corporate security forcibly “retires” you.


Adventure and GM screen all in one. Simply print out, fold in half, and place directly on your playing surface of choice. A special edition of this adventure is provided for those with access to their work printer. Also includes seperate gridded and gridless map files.


This adventure is entirely system-neutral, including just enough info to slot into your modern, sci-fi, or cyberpunk system of choice. 

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One Page Dungeon #5 – Heist of the Blacksmith Shop

One Page Dungeon #5 – Heist of the Blacksmith Shop

Publisher: Xapur_RPG

Some say the Master Blacksmith of this little village is a retired adventurer who once killed a dragon and looted its lair. Are you ready for a heist?

A generic One Page Dungeon for any fantasy TTRPG, character levels 3-4.


one page with the map and text
one page with the map only
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