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Publisher: Paradox Games

For Game Masters striving for the Honor Roll, COLLEGE-BOUND RADICAL HIGH contains all you need to get on the fast track!  Your classmates will become more dynamic with the new “life track” feature, which helps them to maintain a balanced life.  This book also contains lessons for extracirricular activities such as walking, running, bicycling, confronting Soviet Agents, and facing monsters and strange creatures, just like in 1980s cinema.  A map of your local mall is provided, plus a dozen new traits, roll charts, guidelines for fighting “clique wars”, and rules for dealing with peer pressure.  For extra credit, COLLEGE-BOUND RADICAL HIGH also includes two totally mint scenarios for the Game Master to study and implement.

COLLEGE-BOUND RADICAL HIGH is not a standalone game.  The RADICAL HIGH CORE RULEBOOK is required to play.

NOTICE: Because Radical High is a historically accurate gaming tool, it is politically incorrect.  It doesn’t seek to offend, but it is not for everyone.

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