AI Art Pack: Legacy of the Soul Flame

AI Art Pack: Legacy of the Soul Flame

Publisher: Sequestered Industries

Combining both AI and hand-crafted techniques, we present 20 original artworks licensed for use.

This particular art pack is aimed toward players and games masters of the Legacy of the Soul Flame campaign setting due to its style and tone. But it can readily be used beyond the confines of Legacy of the Soul Flame!

A preview of the artwork is shown below in ensemble form (note each piece is the same size, in the ensemble we have re-sized some of them to fit). The artwork ranges from the faces of adventurers (x4), undead of various types (x5), the haunted forest of Lataril (x2), locations from Down Below (x2), locations covered in snow or ice (x5), and adventurers observing or going through the wilderness (x2). 

These artworks use a custom version of Stable Diffusion as their basis, prompt engineered carefully by K.A.Pimbblet. The products of this engineering are then passed to GIMP and other platforms for refinement — or in the parlance of DriveThruRPG: hand-crafted, again by K.A.Pimbblet.

Each image is 2048 x 2048 pixels at an approximate resolution of 300dpi. 

As required by DriveThruRPG:
This product contains assets that were, wholly or in part, procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning.

The License Agreement is as follows:

Sequestered Industries Stock Art Terms of Use and License.

By purchasing and downloading the artwork, or by opening this file, or by opening the artwork associated with it, you (the purchaser herein) have agreed to the following terms of use.

The work (meaning all files associated with the download, also referred to as the images, or the image, herein) is copyright under the law of the United Kingdom by the author, Kevin Pimbblet, trading as Sequestered Industries. This copyright will last until 70 years after his death in all circumstances. The author exerts his moral rights over, and to, the work at all times.
The work is released to the purchaser – and only the purchaser – under the terms of a non-exclusive, and royalty free, license, the clauses of which are detailed in the points below.
The purchaser may use the images for EITHER:
(a) a one time only for a commercial purpose, project, publication, first edition use in print or electronic form covering all present technologies and ones that might be invented in the future. At minimum, this covers uses in media such as print, newspapers, web activities, television, advertising, banners, book covers, computer games, etc. If multiple use is required, please purchase multiple copies of the work, or contact the seller for a different agreement.
(b) unlimited times for non-commercial purposes or private purposes.
The purchaser may:
(a) scale the image (up or down) in size, or rotate it;
(b) reduce a colour image to greyscale;
(c) crop the image. If by cropping the image, the author’s signature or identifying mark is removed, then the purchasing must include the following statement next to the image:  © Kevin Pimbblet
The purchaser agrees to identify the author, Kevin Pimbblet, in an appropriate manner in any products arising through the use of this work. This should generally be done in the product’s credits, but in some cases it may be more appropriate to do so adjacent to the work. The following statement appearing in the credits is considered appropriate:
                Some artwork, © Kevin Pimbblet, used with permission. All rights reserved.
The purchaser agrees not to otherwise modify, adapt, translate, decompile, reverse engineer, use as a prompt to an artificial intelligence algorithm, disassemble, or otherwise alter the image in any way not covered by clause (4).
The purchaser agrees to not use the work as the basis for any collection or individual merchandise (physical, digital, or otherwise) where the work would constitute the main part, or only artwork, of it. This covers at minimum but will not be limited to: selling t-shirts, greeting cards, posters, cups and mugs, posters, etc. If this is desired, please contact the seller for a different agreement.
The purchaser agrees to not resell the work, or distribute them in any way or manner that would compete with them.
The purchaser agrees to not sub-license, sell, or lease the work to a third party. Explicitly, this agreement and license cannot be transferred to other parties either temporarily or permanently.
The purchaser agrees not to use the work either in whole or in part as a trademark, logo, or other indication of origin, or as part thereof, or to otherwise endorse or imply the endorsement of any goods or/and services.
Kevin Pimbblet retains the right to sell the work and use the work at all times. Except for the rights granted by this license agreement, all other rights (including the title and all interest in the images and work and related trademark and trade names) are owned and retained by Kevin Pimbblet. The purchaser agrees to establish reasonable procedures regulating access to and use of the images, and use of the related trademarks and trade names in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom, and this agreement.
This agreement will be considered immediately, irrevocably, and automatically terminated without notice if the purchaser fails to comply with any term, condition, or item of this agreement. If the agreement is terminated, the purchaser agrees to destroy all copies of the work and the images, including associated documentation in their possession. This shall include any product or publication in which this work has been used.
The purchaser acknowledges that they have read, and understand, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.


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Vorpal – Tablica Ogłoszeń

Vorpal – Tablica Ogłoszeń

Publisher: Skavenloft

Tablica Ogłoszeń to zbiór plotek, listów gończych i drobnych ogłoszeń do wykorzystania jako zahaczki fabularne podczas gry w Vorpala. Bez większego trudu można również dostosować przedstawione tutaj materiały do większości popularnych światów fantasy.

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The Damned and The Dead (Part 5)

The Damned and The Dead (Part 5)

Publisher: Paizo

A villainous tale of evil vs evil in the iconic world of Golarion! An Inquisitor of Asmodeus is sent back to the land of his birth to investigate a growing force that threatens to overtake not only Isger but potentially all of Golarion itself.

This is part 4 of a serialized novel in which the next parts will be posted every Friday until completion. 

Available in PDF, ePub, and MOBI formats.

Part 1 Availalbe Here

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Stock Art – Human Female Fighter 004

Stock Art – Human Female Fighter 004

Publisher: Original Frontiers

The Human Fighter is a standard across many roleplay adventure games, tabletop or otherwise. Use this asset to help bring your Fantasy project to life!

x1 Image

Resolution around 1100 px in height
Transparent background PNG image for excellent versatility
Buy once, use forever. Don’t worry about keeping track of expired license agreements, use for as many projects as you want! (See full license below)

This product may be used as follows: 

Unlimited use of the included artwork(s) in commercial and non-commercial work.
The artwork(s) may be used in print and/or digital formats.
The artwork(s) may be cropped, rotated, resized and otherwise modified to fit your project.
The artist’s name does not need be credited for commercial and non-commercial work where the artwork(s) is used.
The artwork(s) may not be resold or redistributed for free in any way.

P.G. Harrington

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