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Spider-Man Writer Wanted to Introduce a Jedi-Spider to the Spider-Verse

Long-term Spider-Man writer Dan Slott said that if it were up to him, the Spider-Verse would have included a webslinger wielding a lightsaber.

Catwoman Reveals the One Thing She Won’t Dare Steal

Selina Kyle is stuck in prison in Catwoman #51 and reflects that not even she wants to steal from Gotham County Corrections’ commissary.

The Justice League’s Dawn of DC Return Is Revealed

Although the Titans are taking charge of protecting the DC Universe, the Justice League won’t be gone for long.

Green Lantern Writer Promises John Stewart’s Series Is Still on Track

Green Lantern writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson clarified the status of his upcoming John Stewart-focused book, promising that the hero is still on track to get his own series.

X-Men: Mister Sinister Believes [SPOILER] Is the One Hero Who Can Change Reality

X-Men’s Sins of Sinister event has begun, and Mister Sinister is wasting no time reshaping all of reality to his whims. But there are those who remain a threat to him, especially one hero in particular who has previously demonstrated reality-shaping capability as well: Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet Witch.

Green Lantern’s New Series Quarantines Earth From the DC Universe

Flashpoint Beyond‘s Jeremy Adams and Xermánico will usher Hal Jordan into an exciting era as he searches for one of his all-time greatest villains, Sinestro, in a new Green Lantern series.

Batman Introduces a Werewolf-proof Costume Upgrade

Batman reveals that his suit is infused with nano-silver to defeat lycanthropes in Detective Comics #1068.

Spider-Man’s New Villain’s Series Includes Several Unexpected Easter Eggs

A CBR exclusive first look at Hallows’ Eve #1 sees the new Spider-Man villain break into a vault full of a number of unexpected easter eggs.

Marvel Gives Wolverine His Own Deadly Clone Saga

Synopsis information and cover art for Marvel’s Wolverine #32 places the titular X-Man in the middle of his own clone saga.

Why the X-Men’s Wolverine and Colossus Need to Join X-Force

Writer Benjamin Percy explained why Wolverine and Colossus need to join X-Force in a CBR exclusive interview.

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Gametouch Controller Star Citizen

I have been looking for a new tablet controller for Star Citizen and Gametouch Controller seems to be perfect. Over the years I have tried almost all of them, Game glass, Touch portal, Hardware solutions like the Elgato Stream deck and so many others. Gametouch...

Garden Interstellar initiative – Space Tomato Gaming

The Space Tomato and my experience of the trip to the moons of Star Citizen, First some back story: I have been a long term backer of Star Citizen and through its growing pains have fallen in and out of love with the project, ( Star Citizen is in Alpha!). Through this...

Star Citizen | CIG giveth, CIG taketh away

 I was going to spend time explaining why we all feel totally pissed off WTF Star Citizen however Grumpy eye does it perfectly.  What are you all playing at, all these years have passed and SC is still a complete fuck up, and yes we can say what we want here without...

Website upgrade info, Donation info

Firstly we apologise to anyone who has been using the website, simply put the website has become very popular, nearly half a million real people in the last month, so we have upgraded the hosting package to ensure the site remains up. Any links that are not working...

Fantasy Grounds your home for RPG now and for the future

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPdCDbAF1kE The world has changed and so much that we have taken for granted has changed, its like a role playing story come to life and our thoughts go out to everyone effected. I have been a keen role player in the past and overtime...