Welcome Party (IO-0101)(5e)

Welcome Party (IO-0101)(5e)

Publisher: Quest Gaming, LLC

The famous Inquisitors’ Guild is purposefully out of the way to filter out complaints; only the most serious of concerns go through the effort to commission the guild to solve their woes. Unfortunately, this also makes it more difficult to join the prestigious guild. When your party finally arrives, they may be surprised by what trials truly lie in store!

Inquisitor’s Orders is a series of setting-neutral one-shot adventures designed to be inserted into any already-existing setting or campaign, or played in any sequence as a campaign all in its own! All Inquisitor’s Orders modules are compatible with D&D 5e and Tales of the Valiant.

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The Bellmare Butcher (IO-0201)(5e)

The Bellmare Butcher (IO-0201)(5e)

Publisher: Quest Gaming, LLC

Everything is calm in the small village of Bellmare, until a string of misfortune falls upon its citizens. Missing children, strange happenings, and now a deceased young woman have caused authorities to seek additional help. Could these events be related, or are there multiple forces at play? Your party has been summoned to find out!

Inquisitor’s Orders is a series of setting-neutral one-shot adventures designed to be inserted into any already-existing setting or campaign, or played in any sequence as a campaign all in its own! All Inquisitor’s Orders modules are compatible with D&D 5e & Tales of the Valiant.

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Arctic Expedition Part III: The Frozen Shrine

Arctic Expedition Part III: The Frozen Shrine

Publisher: Cave Gaming

The story begins in the frigid tundra where teeth chatter, winds howl, and only the few accustomed to the bitter cold such as the rhinox clans trudge on without complaint. Although the tundra often feels empty and ever-stretching, there are lurking creatures and hidden places just waiting to be found.

In this adventure, the party must embark on a daring expedition to transport an ailing explorer to a sacred shrine hidden deep within the ice caverns under the tundra. Time is of the essence, as the magical malady threatens to consume the explorer completely. Along the way, the party will face treacherous terrain, unforeseen dangers, and cunning foes that hunt the party and their new found Frost Dwarf allies…

Adventure Stats:

This Adventure can be played as: a one shot, embedded in any campaign, or as the final adventure of our 3 part mini-campaign
Approximately 2-3 hour play time
Balanced for parties of 4-5 Level 3 Player Characters
Compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5e and Kobold Press’s Black Flag Roleplaying (Now BFR. Formerly the Core Fantasy Roleplay or CFR) system.

Included in the Adventure:

Recommended Adventure Hooks for Players
Suggestions for Spin-Off Adventures
Table of 10 Underfrost Encounters for Game Masters (GMs) to prepare Random Encounters
Table of NPCs to help GM’s prepare a Frost Dwarven Escort
NPC Stat Blocks for 4 members of a Frost Dwarven Party
7 New Monster Stat Blocks with suggestions for strategy and loot (Slaglings, Jeweled Beetle, Shadowbeast, Magmawurm, Momoku, Rock Ooze, and Arctic Troll)
3 New Magical Items
A Professionally Crafted Battle Map
Rhinox Player Options (5e Race as well as BFR Lineage and Heritage)

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Г’номы варят кофе

Г’номы варят кофе

Publisher: Red Librarian

«Г’номы варят кофе» — это ироничная настольная ролевая игра от Чайного паладина, посвящённая борьбе с долгами и продаже кофе.

Судьба начинающих предпринимателей в ваших руках. Только ваши действия решат, что ждёт их в будущем: кофейные рудники или вершины шляпного бизнеса. Белоснежная улыбка Фортуны или кривозубая улыбка Бургоргормирстра. 

Цель героев — собрать нужную сумму денег до прихода сборщиков долгов.
Цель древнего зла — портить жизнь всем вокруг.
Цель клиентов — выпить кофе. 
Цель игроков — хорошенько развлечься.

Игра рассчитана на трёх участников и идеально вписывается в одну встречу. Ведущий не понадобится.

В книге вы найдёте:

● Правила игры
● Комикс
● Трёх персонажей
● Пять дополнительных сценариев

Над игрой работали:

автор: Влад Бенский
художник: Марина Бенская
редактор: Анна Музыка
корректор: Александра Асланова
дизайнеры-верстальщики: Елена «Рейн Райдер» Осинникова, Татьяна Flame Коган
композитор: Вадим Плотников
арт-директор: Ransvind
главный редактор: Ирина Башкатова

Выбирайте шляпу любого цвета! Но только синюю.

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Convictor Drive: Armored by Grief

Convictor Drive: Armored by Grief

Publisher: LionWing

Convictor Drive is a Kamen Rider-inspired TTRPG from Japan that features action-packed combat and roleplaying, an original d10 system, beautiful anime art, and a slew of unique and engaging gameplay mechanics.

In Convictor Drive, you’ll create and roleplay an employee of DRIVE Private Security. Equipped with energy-generating nanomachines, your characters can transform into the most advanced exoframes in the world, Convictors, and fight for what’s right.

Piloting a Convictor isn’t something that just anyone can do. Only those who have suffered loss and still feel the pain of it can will their bodies to power the Convictors and turn the regrets of their past into justice for the present.

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Sidekicks for Modern Horror – Book 3 – 3 Detailed Non-Player Characters for Call of Cthulhu

Sidekicks for Modern Horror – Book 3 – 3 Detailed Non-Player Characters for Call of Cthulhu

Publisher: RPGGamer

Prepare to plunge deeper into the chilling abyss of modern horror with “Sidekicks for Modern Horror: Book 3.” Within these pages, you will encounter three extraordinary individuals, each with their own unique connection to the eerie and the unknown, poised to enhance your tales of terror.

Officer Kyle Ramirez, Rookie Police Officer: Meet Officer Kyle Ramirez, a recent addition to the police force who burns with an unyielding determination to prove himself, even in the face of the unexplainable. Fresh to the world of law enforcement, he’s eager to confront the enigmatic and the supernatural, making him a compelling presence in the darkness.
Lily Marsh, Eerie Antique Shop Owner: Delve into the enigmatic world of Lily Marsh, the proprietor of an antique shop that harbors a treasure trove of mysterious and occult items. With her inscrutable demeanor and an unquenchable fascination for the supernatural, Lily adds an aura of mystique to your modern horror campaigns.
Walter “Walt” Harris, Local Mechanic: When things take a turn for the bizarre and the machinery of the world malfunctions, the practical and no-nonsense mechanic, Walt Harris, is the one to call. His expertise is often sought to repair the unexplainable, making him an indispensable ally in unraveling the mysteries that go bump in the night.

In “Sidekicks for Modern Horror: Book 3,” you will uncover intricate backgrounds, multifaceted personalities, and intriguing storylines for these characters. Whether your players seek allies who embrace the unknown or individuals who bring a touch of gritty realism to their supernatural encounters, Officer Ramirez, Lily Marsh, and Walt Harris are ready to immerse themselves in your harrowing narratives. As you navigate the darkness, remember that these sidekicks are the guiding lights that pierce through the gloom, leading you further into the heart of modern horror.

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