I have never acted out of the rules and policies to my knowledge and received no notice of such violation.”



So even if I create a new account I am blocked.
VPN blocked and browser tracked by cookies i suspect again locked.
Initially i thought this was a server error but no.

The only thing I can think of is that a seller did not provide the goods, G2a were very slow at doing anything and the seller did not reply and that’s not good enough these days so I took the refund to Paypal and may be the reason.


In summery this is a very bad way to treat a long standing customer who has had no history of issue
with no recourse to resolution and there for suggest if interested in purchasing CD keys one looks for alternative providers as if this is how they treat people its time to look elsewhere! and I have done so.


So Gta you bunch of muppets here is a review on your service for posterity, lmao and call you out for the dreadful service received and for everyone else who is fed up with your BS!

Please feel to write some stupid comment G2a no doubt blaming the customer for your error and as for no ticket system for complaints and resolution what a joke. 


By the way people Outriders is cross play and can be played with Xbox friends on the steam platform, its also on Gforcenow a review coming soon. 

And if your looking for cd keys lmao try 

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