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As many of you know there are several services available the realisation by some that table top games can be played online very successfully using some smart software and a professional dungeon master.

One of the downsides of the system although we all have in the past purchased books and guides figures ect are the costs.

The good news is if your up to date that many of the issues can be resolved using the software table top systems and often the players have no upfront cost to access the systems if provided by the games master.

The change in the way many of us work and play have pushed the ideas and we now find that playing online in a RPG actually works and is good fun, certainly it remains the safer option unless you trust your friends to test for covid.

As you know we are endeavouring to keep prices down and make this a community project, e.g. this website, however there are always costs as nothing is completely free.

While other service providers charge 20% of your fees + transfer and processing and have large setup and ongoing costs we do not, do we feel they didn’t understand this market and yes I know there background unfortunately yes as a DM can only run so many games and when you let people set there own prices without regulation you start to see that the business model is flawed.

There’s no obligation to return to our platform however as are systems are optimised to promote you and your games we hope you will see the value and as such instead of charging a percentage and dealing with all the issues of money transfer and potential international money laundering issues let alone employment rules we see our platform as a facilitator and DM club.

Register now :

The yearly subscription  £67.20 per year that works out to just £5.60 per month including taxes and gives you a custom webpage managed by us to tell the world about your services and the costs and how to get in contact, all the benefits of having your own website without the problems and importantly benefitting from our considerable footfall digital traffic.

Oh and did I also say you will get your own tab in the DM section on this website as well as a channel on our Boardgamer DM Discord server for you and your players.


You can cancel at anytime but obviously lose access to the systems but there’s no other charges from us but please note the fee is for the year and we do not refund proportianaly for time used.

So unlike others if you do the maths you have abetter service, none of the waffle and questionable processes and fictional DMs ours are all real, we don’t suggest or elude to employment in the way its setup as you are working for your self and we are simply marketing you and your services in a professional way.

Your money is yours as are your players you agree your terms and are responsible for acting responsibly, as is the player responsible for ensuring the game or DM is what they require and are notified accordingly directly with you the DM.

Understandably any Dm’s who abuse the system / forum will be banned as would evidenced player unacceptable behaviour e.g. no access to the systems, we know this doesn’t happen often but there’s no point pretending it doesn’t.

We also recommend you consider getting the relevant checks done to ensure you are seen by the public to be a responsible provider of game services, this is your choice and players are advised to talk with the DM before paying and playing a table top or virtual online RPG game or stick to adults!

Here in the UK they are called a background check we have no legal requirement to request you to do this it is a choice between the DM the provider and the client the player.

So what do you you get for a full years subscription, we do not offer discounts for this package we have made this as affordable as possible). Payments are yearly in advance and as this is for a service one we will provide is non refundable.

  • A dedicated DM Discord group section just for you and your players.
  • A full web page dedicated to you in a special DM section on our Boardgamer website
  • A dedicated email such as wilardth[email protected] you can choose the prefix with in reason.
  • And critically what you see is what you get, no hidden fees, no 20% ongoing costs and therefore more money in your pocket because the player come direct to you.

In summery no other service charges so little, provides a dedicated landing page offers integrated cloud calendar services a dedicated email and

If you would like to chat look us up on our dedicated Discord DM channel.

DISCORD VOICE https://discord.gg/b7vgMweGuK

DICORD CHAT https://discord.gg/sBXzUDfTt5

Register as a user today on the boardgamer.games website and we will post when the systems ready and will be subject to our terms and conditions .

Best endeavour we aim to have emails and if a dedicated DM page subject to your info setup within 24 hours and a max of 72 hours, its often faster, please note any images need to be owned by you we do not allow the use of copyrighted content, make your own or take one of yourself.  

Questions: The best way to reach us is via discord. https://discord.gg/W5Bsf2HZxP