Era of Silence- Core Rulebook

Era of Silence- Core Rulebook

Publisher: Shrike Tabletop

1000 years ago, the gods left us.

400 years ago, our world was buried in ash.

Now, we rely on alchemy and each other to survive. 

This is the Era of Silence

In the Long Silence, new monsters have shown their faces, from wasteland mutants to zealous fascists—no corner of the world is truly safe. Grab your team and get ready to fight your way through the shattered surface of Vian. Dark, but not hopeless: you will find your reason to keep going in this strange new world. 

Era of Silence is built on a roll-low dice pool system called Thorne, designed to allow different characters to excel at the same task in different situations. Mixed with an interlocking Trait system, the game heavily emphasizes teamwork in a traditional RPG format. 

A streamlined character creation process offers over 15,000+ possible character combinations but can be chosen from in a single sitting. Play a thief with a penchant for machines, a mage with a military background, a combat alchemist, and more! Then grab gear that utilizes a Template + Mod system. With just a few choices, a standard weapon turns into a trademark with its own twists and effects. 

The core of the game is focused on combat. A Stamina focused action mechanic and a State system allow for tactical freedom in a way that’s intuitive for both the Narrator and Protagonist Characters. An HPless damage mechanic creates an intense atmosphere where every shot feels lethal and keeps combats short.

The world of Vian is a chemipunk future fantasy setting written by R. Val and Moss Sugarmountains. The book features full-color art by Moss Sugarmountains and Willabee. With layout by F. Dan O’Neill.

Era of Silence comes with a digital Core Rulebook, which is a 197-page PDF with hyperlinks between important entries and alternative text for all images. It comes with a form-fillable character sheet and an introductory module “10 Minutes to North Point.”

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Deadlands: the Weird West – DIY VTT Horror at Headstone Hill Tokens

Deadlands: the Weird West – DIY VTT Horror at Headstone Hill Tokens

Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment

Bring more Fast! Furious! Fun! to your Deadlands: the Weird West virtual tabletop!

We know many Game Masters use a virtual tabletop to find gaming friends across the globe or even to manage combat at a physical game table from their laptop. Our Do-It-Yourself Virtual TableTop products allow you to play using any platform of your choice!

This product includes individual token graphics for use on your virtual tabletop platform of choice, featuring 19 tokens from Horror at Headstone Hill.

You will need  Deadlands: the Weird West to use this product in addition to your desired VTT of choice.

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Golgotha Those Who Don’t Fear Darkness

Golgotha Those Who Don’t Fear Darkness

Publisher: Lucky Comics

Golgotha – Those Who Don’t Fear Darkness

Golgotha, Wisconsin. A tough city with an even tougher history. 

In this Novelette: Enchantress Sunshine “Sunni” Stephens battles against the dark forces of Golgotha’s underworld to save the life of a mysterious young woman named Zillah. 

A Pulp Noire Mystery novelette by Nancy Hansen.

Cover Art by Joshua 1:9 Holley


Format: Prose

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Folio: Black Label #4

Folio: Black Label #4

Publisher: Art of the Genre

The Burning City, a currsed metropolis deep with the Ash Lands of the Nameless Realms. Many are the stories of the demonic insects that populate the surrounding lands, of slaver guilds that raid civilized kingdoms to take prisoners back to the infernal territory of no return.  Now, along the borderlands of Western Gariny, a Lord’s daughter has gone missing, and signs indicate she has been taken into the Ash Lands.  Word has reached a brave group of fledgling adventurers that a hefty reward has been offered for the girl’s safe return, and certainly surviving a trip ino the Ash Lands would be a great way to make a name for their company.  This is a low-level adventure in both AD&D and 5th Edition mechanics, for 5-7 players, levels 2-4.

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