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The ‘Original Five’ X-Men Are Pulled Through Time to Save the Multiverse

2023 is the 60th anniversary of the debut of the X-Men, and Marvel is making sure to pay tribute again to that anniversary before the year is up, as this December, we will see the return of the five superheroes who made up the X-Men in 1963’s X-Men #1 – Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Angel and Beast, only now the heroes are being pulled through time once more to help save the Multiverse itself.

Archie Mondays: EXCLUSIVE – Read the 1st Chapter of Archie’s Freshman Year

Every Monday, CBR shares a preview of the newest Archie Comics releases that week, plus occasional spotlights on the latest Archie news. This time around, we have a special EXCLUSIVE treat for you all courtesy of Archie Comics! It is the 15th anniversary of the classic Archie storyline, “Freshman Year,” which is essentially “Archie: Year One,” showing how Archie and the gang handled their Freshman year at Riverdale High School.

Bill Willingham Puts Fables Into the Public Domain

Bill Willingham, the creator of the long-running Vertigo series, Fables, which was recently revived as part of DC’s Black Label line of comics, has announced that he is putting the characters into the public domain as a result of years of disputes with DC over his contractual rights to the characters of the series, which is about a group of mythological beings who were exiled from their homelands to go live among humans. Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha have been the art team throughout most of the series, but Willingham has been the sole owner of the IP rights to Fables.

Marvel Celebrates Power Pack’s 40th Anniversary With Its Original Creators

Power Pack, the beloved Marvel comic book series from the 1980s about a family of superheroes (Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie Power, who all received superpowers from a friendly alien after he befriended them before his passing), is receiving a new miniseries by Marvel to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the team’s debut, and the series’ original creators, Louise Simonson and June Brigman, are returning for this new series!

Superstar Comic Artist J.H. Williams III Launches New Music/Art Project

Superstar four-time Eisner Award-winning comic book artist, J.H. Williams III, best known for his work on Promethea, Batwoman (both in Detective Comics and in her solo series), Sandman: Overture and his creator-owned series, Echolands, is now launching a new music and art project with Hip Hop DJ and Producer, Jay Zotos, called The Sound and Paint Men.

Cthulhu Mythos - Available Now @

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