Artificer – Chimerist

Artificer – Chimerist

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A Chimerist specializes in raising cultures of ooze that can be shaped into many useful forms. Chimerists cultivate special cultures that can replicate materials and even living flesh. Chimerists are widely sought after for cosmetic procedures, but their hearts long for improvement of their form.

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Mike’s Free Encounter #79: Stoneheart Dwraves

Mike’s Free Encounter #79: Stoneheart Dwraves

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This is the 79th in an ongoing series aimed to provide the overworked DM with ready-to run encounters. The PCs find a mine operated by Stoneheart dwarves, stone miners, and their slaves.

After decades of a profitable alliance with the town of Druln, a group of Ironpick dwarves found themselves in dire straits. A force of mercenaries and undead led by the traitor Lord Pral Druln laid siege to their mine. After days of brutal and costly fighting, the surviving dwarves were driven to a desperate gambit: they made use of forbidden magic to transform themselves into elemental beings. This transformation bound their souls with that of tormented earth elementals, thus driving them into the depths of madness. But they won their battle and saved their mine.

Looking to expand their operations, a small force of Stoneheart dwarves has dug a new mine and has been busy digging and taking slaves to work for them. Will the PCs shut down this mine or end up buried under sixteen tons of earth?

A Stonheart dwarf is CR 2 and a stone miner is CR 1.

This encounter includes a history/background for the encounter, maps, and monster stats. The companion ZIP file contains JPEG versions of the maps (with and without grid), the Word file of the encounter, and a Fantasy Grounds Unity Module file.


The encounter includes:

History/Background for the encounter.
Encounter guide
New Monsters: Stoneheart dwarf, stone miner.
New Magic Item: Earth Draught
Color Maps
NPC/Monster Stats


The companion ZIP file contains:

JPEG versions of the maps (with and without grid).
Word file of the encounter.
Fantasy Grounds Unity Module with map and NPC.



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Dungeon Vault Magazine – No. 25

Dungeon Vault Magazine – No. 25

Publisher: Elven Tower

Dungeon Vault Magazine – Issue 25

Published by Elven Tower

This is issue No. 25 of Dungeon Vault Magazine. A compilation of adventures, lore, excellent cartography, and useful digital goodies.

Dungeon Vault Magazine is all about providing interesting ideas and lore to DMs and storytellers. Within this issue, you will find varied adventure ideas.

These short modules do not stick to a unified template of sections. Instead, they are organically created and follow their own pace. The types of modules you can expect are city/town settings, regional settings, dungeons, outdoor locations, encounter maps, and one-page adventures. The only exception is a three-chapter adventure named The Fabled Vault which we have featured at the end of the magazine.

The modules are written with the 5th ed. OGL in mind but rules are often left to a minimum. Most adventures are appropriate for low to mid-level (Levels 1 to 10) adventur­ing parties. We include a note at the beginning of each adventure with a ballpark estimation of party level and playing time.

This issue has guest submissions by the following authors: Alex Rinehart, DM Ninetoes82, and Viel Nast. Thank you for being part of this publication. Your contributions make DVM a better product!

Explore fantasy worlds and immersive adventures!

— Product Overview —

9 Original Adventures

3 articles by guest authors

Dungeon Vault Magazine PDF

Printer-Friendly Version (black and white)

Reflowable EPUB Version

Separate Hi-res and Roll20 Maps

High-res maps included. DM, PC, and VTT versions.

This product contains assets that were procedurally generated with the aid of creative software(s) powered by machine learning.

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Random Races Compendium 3

Random Races Compendium 3

Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

After a lot of hard work I am very proud to present to you a collection of 8 more races to explore! Enclosed in this PDF are 8 brand new races, racial feats, subraces and tables to roll on. Again this is pay what you want. Support is highly appreciated but comments are great too.

Included Races

Delvid – A humanoid breed of Hellhounds with a furious disposition. (2 feats, 1 table)

Furro – A race of amiable ferretfolk always ready to lend a paw. (3 subraces, 1 table)

Vespyn – A kind of humanoid wasps who come in a variety of colors. (3 subraces, 1 feat)

Clockfolk – Lawful beings made of clockwork intent on keeping order. (1 feat, 1 table)

Potling – Domestic fey creatures with an affinity for pottery. (2 tables)

Brewborn – Alchemical oozes bound to the pots they were brewed in. (2 feats, 1 table)

Nyd – Kind nature spirits that come in local flavors. (4 subraces, 1 feat)

Glyphid – Stone guardians with the ability to project themselves onto walls. (3 subraces)

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GM Screen OCDemon Dice Tower Base

GM Screen OCDemon Dice Tower Base

Publisher: Fat Dragon Games

This is a new demon head base for the dice tower as part of the GM screen of doom by Fat Dragon Games. It allows you to have a dice tower facing out and one dice tower facing in, while still keeping the symmetry of having both demon heads on the outside of the wall/GM screen.

File is split into two pieces for easy no support printing just like the original demon head.

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