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Publisher: Celestial Skunkworks

The Curse of the Sleepless Wizard is a short adventure for a group of 4-6 characters of levels 1-2. This adventure is written within the context of my personal campaign world, Thrae, but it can be easily dropped into any campaign. The quest begins in the secluded suburbs within 2 days travel of any town of the Game Master’s choosing.

Greetings and honor to you, fair heroes! I am Julius of Zinfandel. It is good fortune and blessings of The Eternal that have allowed me to find courageous heroes such as yourselves who might aid us in our time of need.

The fair village of Zinfandel, producers of dairy, meat, wool, and fine wine, an idyllic land of kind and hopeful people, do hereby seek your service, assistance and heroic valor with great urgency!

Our families and all we hold dear are beset by a most foul sorcerer and his minions. At first, he demanded tribute in food, coin, and supplies, and we complied. Now he asks for us to deliver to him our male children. This we cannot continue to do! His latest target is our treasured son, Skinny, and we are poorly equipped to resist him. Will you help us, brave heroes?

We have gathered a payment of 2,000 silver coins and a magical sword belonging to the folk hero, Lead Foot, as reward to any adventurers who would take this on this matter of great urgency, and solve it!

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