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Publisher: TT Gaming

The Wolf and The Bear

A ‘what-if’ scenario and campaign for Clash of Fleets




The product attached is a draft/early idea in development and I will complete this over the next weeks and months. While I add more story and play through the campaign, the purchasing price will rise from its current level to the full price of 9.99. The sooner you buy, the cheaper. The longer you wait the more content is already there.

Current status:

Turkey:              DONE

Italy:                 Army & Air Force: DONE, Navy wip
Soviet Union:    tbd

What is this about?

In 1933 Italy and the Soviet Union signed a friendship treaty. Subsequently Italian staff officers toured the Soviet Union (except the Airforce) and fostered a military and economic exchange (resources for technology). Mussolini’s rationale was clear: to avoid a potential Turko-Soviet alliance and to dissuade Hitler from not only annexing Austria but also Tyrol.

However, soon after the Italo-German understanding the treaty became worth less than the paper it was written on. Italy supplied weapons to the Finns and had its own designs on the Balkans and Greece. World War II broke out in 1939 and the Axis invaded the Soviet Union in 1941.

But what if Hitler contents himself with the occupation of France and rearmament to challenge Great Britain on more equal terms after his defeat in the Battle of Britain? What if Stalin is content with a fortified border with the Germans, biding his time to bring all of Europe under his reign? What if Mussolini, humbled by the Italian performance in the last days of the war with France, only engages in limited war with the British Empire to keep Libya under control

While the major powers reel and rearm from the first year of war, life comes back to almost normal. In the Mediterranean British and Italian ships take turns to fire a few poorly aimed shots at one another. In the Atlantic German submarines wreak havoc among British supply lines all while the Soviets trade resources for modern military technology to secretly build a warmachine that rivals and trumps all its opponents.

But the Germans, Italians and the rest of the World are not asleep. The Italians equally modernise their armed forces. Lacking aircraft carriers, the Regia Marina prioritises the conversion of multiple ships and develops a first rate naval airforce. Learning from the German successes in Poland and France, the Italian army transforms into the world’s first and best mechanised force.

Outwardly friendly, everybody mistrusts one another while tensions start rising.

Then, in May 1943, the Italians occupy Albania and Greece in a 3-week Blitzkrieg. Threatened by this move and fully aware that Turkey would be unable to resist a full-scale invasion the Soviet Union mobilizes its Black Sea Fleet.

The Sovetskaya Ukraina, a brand new battleship, two Kirov heavy cruisers and six destroyers escort a Soviet invasion force to occupy the Bosporus area while Soviet diplomats pressure the Turks to play ball or else. When the Italians cross the border into Turkey, World War II continues in a very different way.

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