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Publisher: MediaStream Press



Demons are trying to bring about the end of days. A secret branch of the church is working to prevent the Apocalypse. Working with highly-trained specialists in underground cells, they’re quietly fighting the 13 demons, which are trying to open the gates to the underworld through their corruption of humanity.

The secret weapon against the demons is the Nephilim, half- breed hybrids of fallen angels and humans. Most serve themselves or demon-kind, but a few have sided with humanity, and they may be enough to save everyone. You have been recruited to work for a specialized team of demon hunters. You and the other members of your cell will get sent around the world for missions. Other governments and major religions supply local specialists as extra boots on the ground to combat the demonic infestation. These demon hunters will come from all walks of life, so you will have soldiers-for-hire, paramedics, clergymen, hackers, and all sorts of professionals that help along the way. The forces of good can use all manners of help!

The Demon Age is an inspired mix of theology, mythology, action, adventure, and roleplaying, all set in the modern world! Many of the Demons have historical ties in our world, explaining many historical events or mythological characters. Go on a journey across the globe to save humanity, and ultimately yourself!

The Demon Age Includes:

75+ Modern Era magical spells
75+ Maps for locations, cities, and battle sites
50+ Creatures, Bosses, and NPCs
50+ Artifacts and special Loot Items!
14 Chapters of content – 13 Bosses plus a prologue
Custom Character Sheets and Game Mechanics
Modern Era abilities, feats, and traits

All Brought to you by Industry Creators with years of gaming and GMing experience in multiple systems. We’re a team of independent writers with credits on dozens of projects!

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