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With Marshals Unleashed Napoleonic wargaming, players are presented with endless possibilities to create and engage in their own campaigns, battles, and missions. Whether you have a preference for historically accurate scenarios or enjoy the thrill of random designed battle maps, this game offers an abundance of options to satisfy your strategic cravings. Immerse yourself in the world of Napoleonic warfare and experience the joy of commanding your favorite nation on the battlefield. The power is in your hands to shape history and forge new victories!

The Brunswick Corp in Marshals Unleashed is an exceptionally formidable force that can greatly enhance any army it joins. Known for its exceptional capabilities, the Brunswick Corp boasts a powerful lineup of well-trained line infantry and guard infantry units. These highly skilled soldiers are invaluable on the battlefield, consistently proving their worth by successfully repelling any opposing unit. Although the Brunswick Corp is missing cavalry in its ranks, it compensates for this with the inclusion of the fearsome totenkop hussars. These elite hussars are widely regarded as a force to be reckoned with, striking fear into the hearts of their enemies. With the combined strength and prowess of their infantry units and the menacing presence of the totenkop hussars, the Brunswick Corp is an asset that can turn the tide of any battle in their favor.

Army units

In Marshals Unleashed, players have the exciting opportunity to deploy up to 80 units on the battlefield. However, it’s worth noting that the Brunswick corp can only be added as an ally in custom or historical battles. The prints are conveniently provided in PDF files, suitable for both A4 and US letter 8.5×11 inches paper size. This allows for easy printing at home and assembly of your armies. Whether you choose to engage in random skirmishes or historically accurate battles, each side will have an impressive array of 80 units under their command. For those who prefer historical battles, additional units may be necessary to accurately replicate the order of battle outlined in your chosen historical map. Get ready for a thrilling experience on the battlefield!

The Brunswick corp military units

Brunswick Uhlanen
Brunswick Jaeger
Brunswick line infantry
Brunswick guard infantry
Brunswick Totenkoph hussars
Field artillery Brunswick

Total 20 units


The Duke of Brunswick

When it comes to the game pieces, it is recommended to print them on either semi-glossy or matte A4 size paper or 8.5×11 inches size paper. The maximum weight for the paper should be around 150-200 grams or 40-54 lb. You can find both formats available in jpeg and pdf files for your convenience. Cut the units to size using a cutting mat, glue roller, a Stanley knife and ruler. Fold the units into the correct shape using the ruler and the horizontal strip as a guide. Glue the white parts together, pressing gently after gluing to make sure no air bubbles remain. Get ready for an immersive and thrilling gaming experience with Marshals Unleashed!

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