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Publisher: Avalanche Press Ltd

In September 1939, Eire (the recently-renamed Irish Free State) declared that she would remain neutral in the new war erupting in Europe. This angered the British government, but Ireland had not participated in the Commonwealth of Nations since 1932.

Ireland was not invaded during the Second World War, but both Britain and Germany made plans to do so. Ireland eventually mobilized two divisions and two brigades, deployed along the border with Northern Ireland to resist a British invasion and along the island’s southern coast to fight off an attack by Britain or Germany. The Irish Army – Na Forsai Cosanta – eventually reached a strength of 38,000 and saw no action during World War II, though tens of thousands of Irish men and women volunteered to fight the Nazis in the British armed forces.

Fighting Irish is an expansion for Panzer Grenadier: Invasion that lets you send the Irish into battle anyway, in a small set of scenarios depicting a German airborne assault on the Emerald Isle. The Irish are tough, but they’re not very well-armed. Fighting Irish includes 24 new pieces depicting Irish troops and leaders in their traditional kelly green. It’s a good-looking set. Plus you get scenarios so you can play with them.

Note: This product is a digital download. Pieces require assembly.

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