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Publisher: Righteous Falcon Games

Welcome to Nefarious Absurd Scintillating Games, better known as N.A.S.G., a miniatures agnostic skirmish game that pits two opposing Warbands against each other in interesting scenarios. Players take on the role of Tactician, the leader of their Warband, and of Sponsor, the one responsible for forming your Warband. Each player’s Warband is made up of unique soldier types that make for fun and strategic battles.

N.A.S.G. utilizes familiar gameplay mechanics from other tabletop war games, including “Alternating Activations,” “2D6 Dice System,” and its main focus on “Command Points” (CPs). Think of CPs as a resource economy to “Tilt” the course of battle and for each player’s Tactician to use their “Tactician Abilities.”

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