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Publisher: SixJAM

Missing in Action is a solo game that takes place during the Vietnam war.

Shot down behind enemy lines and bleeding bad, the Viet Cong left you for dead. Now, you must cross the vast jungle to return to your base for any hope of survival.

Missing in Action (M.I.A.) uses the revolutionary Gear Card System. The Gear Cards revolving gear controls all the player’s actions. Each gear has Movement, Sneaking, and Attack actions.

You must navigate through the jungles of Vietnam sneaking past Viet Cong troops and the North Vietnamese Army. With limited health, stamina, and ammo, you only have a narrow amount of time, before bleeding out.

Time is of the essence, if you wish to survive.

Most games take about 20 minutes.

Components Needed:
4 D6’s

3 Blue tokens (Viet Cong)

4 Red tokens (NVA and Hit Points)

1 Grey Token (Ammo)

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