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Publisher: Quirky Co.

Kawaii War ( Browse All Quirky Co. Games )

2-4 Player Card Game for Ages 7+ / Time: 20′

Kawaii War is the fun and quirky card game in which you batte against other players in an effort to keep the most cards.

Card Samples:

The game consists of boomer cards, shooter cards, cutter cards, striker cards, cover cards. and an instruction card ( 70 cards total ).

Plastic Deckbox:

When you place your order, be sure to select the option to “ADD TO CART WITH DECKBOX” to ensure your game will be packaged in this really cool plastic case. Otherwise, your cards will ship bound only by a thin plastic band.

Game Play Video:

To learn how to play Kawaii War in about 1 minute, watch this quick game play video:

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