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Publisher: The Flagellant & The Fool

The Flagellant & The Fool presentsHEADS! A system agnosting dueling minigame for RPG’s and miniature games.

Wish your 1v1’s had the high intensity, high lethality, nail biting drama of their cinematic counterparts? HEADS is designed to be used in any and every game where you want your duel to be solved in 1-3 dramatic rolls instead of comparing initiatives and spending 10 turns bonking back and forth to tension simmering eternity.

So whether you take one swift swing of your katana, a corpse splitting power strike with your axe, or trick them with a dagger to the heart… grab your dice and let the HEADS roll!

* This game is designed to be printed as a pamphlet for ease of use at the table. Though you will be able to use the digital PDF just fine, the layout is suited to pamphlet use.

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