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Publisher: The Orbicular Ruins

Thanks for the interest. This is a free SVG file containing some laser cut designs I created.

You can send these to a local laser cutting service to make (or use your own laser cutting machine, if you have one).

You may need to make some tweaks before sending them. I recommend using Inkscape because it is free.

The SVG file uses RGB Blue 255 for the cutting lines and RGB Green 255 for the Line etching. Your local service may use different colours.

The stroke width is set to 0.01 pt (so to edit them easily, you need to temporarily up the stroke width).

There is a range of figures in the file. From lizardmen pilgrims to a giant robot.

The scale is approximately 9mm (1:200).

I get them cut on 1.8mm bamboo. Then I paint them with paint pens (quick, easy, and low mess) and put them on 20mm bases (generally only two to a base). 

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