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Publisher: Wargame World

A familiar but totally new game for those who seek the thrill and challenge of naval conflict in all theaters of World War II.

For those who have played Axis & Allies War & Sea, these rules may feel familiar, but there are many improvements and distinctions from the classic game including:

D10 based resolution
Over the horizon rules for hidden movement & reconnaissance
Fun cards to play on vessels for situational bonuses
Use models from any manufacturer … or print your own!
Critical hit cards can knock out weapon systems, engines, armor, etc.
Rules for weather, terrain placement, refueling and more.

How To Resolve Hits
Roll a number of d10’s as shown for the specified range on the Armament Array. Total all results of a 3 or less and compare that to the defender’s Armor. If the total number of hits exceeds Armor, the defender suffers a Damage. If the total number hits exceeds Integrity then the defender is sunk.

Part of an expanding world of naval tabletop battles in WW2.

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