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Publisher: R. Rook Games

Moonlight on Roseville Beach introduced you to some of the strange entities of Rose Island: the mysterious monoliths who appear when magic is afoot, the strange metal-fueled house in the woods, the siren who haunts the lighthouse, and the odd otters of Odd Island. The second issue of the Roseville Beach zine gives you a chance to investigate five new entities that have made their way to Roseville Beach.

This isn’t your grandma’s monster book!

Each entity in Dim All the Lights is introduced through their victims. Study the case notes of vanished detected E. Elliot. Review the log entries of deep-sea biologist Jo Norris and National Park Service ranger Vernon Foley. Try to find out what happened to Nicole Wolf whose waterlogged diary was found on the beach. Part two of the Dim All the Lights series includes five new entities, investigator documents with GM notes on using each, and a quick mystery generator for adding them in your Moonlight on Roseville Beach campaign. Pick up the zines now and look for the full book coming soon!

Moonlight on Roseville Beach!

The Roseville Beach Zine series supports Moonlight on Roseville Beach and the Moonlight on Roseville Beach Quickstart.

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