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Publisher: Royals & Rovers games

In Dreaded Flags, players refight historical naval conflicts between small fleets in the Age of Piracy. Players take command of one or more ships in engagements between privateers, pirates and/or pirate hunters.

This book contains everything you need to play the game: the rules, 8 scenarios, maps, charts, ship’s log pages and all necessary counters. You only need 5 6-sided dice, optionally 2 extra colored 6-sided dice, and a pen per player at home! Before your first game you will need a little time to prepare the game components. This does not require specific skills, nor specialized materials.

The book comes with 8 scenarios. Depending on the scenario, the game is played solitaire ( 2 dedicated scenarios and most others are very suitable for 2-handed play) or with 2 or 3 players. Most scenarios can be played in one sitting, with playtime ranging from 30 minutes up to about 2 hours. To help learning the game, scenarios have a complexity rating, so when learning the game simply start with the easier ones.

Dreaded Flags balances historical accuracy with straightforward and intuitive game play: The various types of fire used in the game reflect the risky and perilous nature of the combat. Other era-specific factors are also taken into account: you will discover first-hand the effect of a good captain and a motivated crew.

If you like to play with miniatures (or don’t like to cut the maps out of the book), all maps and extra components are also available as free Print and Play PDF’s on Boardgamegeek.

These battles are included:
The Trader (A learning Scenario) – 1716
The Ambush: John Hawkins vs. the City of San Juan de Ulúa – 1568
The Sacking: Henry Morgan vs the city of Maracaibo – 1669 (Solitaire)
The Heist: Henry Every vs. the Murghal Fleet – 1695
The Salvaging: Charles Vane and Henry Jennings vs. The Spanish Salvage Fleet – 1715
The Hunt: Frances Hume vs. John Martel – 1717
The Reckoning: Blackbeard vs. Stede Bonnet – 1718
The Menace: Black Bart vs. the people of Barbados – 1720 (Solitaire)

Now, hoist the dreaded flag and ready the guns!

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