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Publisher: Art of Wargames

Delta Six Patrol is a solitaire D6-based tactical wargame system. Players use D6 dice to represent team composition and firepower to complete challenging missions while engaging randomly generated enemy forces. Players recruit team members in addition to specialists and equipment based on mission parameters and points. Teams traverse terrain on geomorphic maps using infantry patrol formations to reveal and attack enemy units of unknown number and disposition.

Delta Six Patrol sets up and plays quickly with minimal rules and game components in a small space. No counters to mount just a few D6 dice and this book is all that’s needed. Gamers of all experience levels will find “Delta Six Patrol” engaging, while its small footprint and uncomplicated rules make it ideal for quick play and mobility.

Everything you need is included, except a few D6 dice, preferably of two colors. No cutting or mounting of counters is needed.

Game Features
Unit Scale – Teams/Squads
Map – Hexagonal, one Hex=50 meters
Turns – Minutes
Playing Time – 10-15 Minutes
Players – One (Solitaire Play).
Complexity – Low.
Specialists, Equipment & Formations.
10 Missions plus 2 Bonus Missions.
Detailed Play Aid & How-to Play.
Easy to follow Two Page Rulebook and How to Play.

Game Components
Two Page Rulebook
Two 8 X 11-inch Maps
Player Aid
Mission List
Mission Log
How to Play
*Not Included-Five or more D6 dice.

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