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Publisher: Fox Den

Issue 79 (May-June 1977) saw the final name change to Campaign and a redesign of the cover by Dana Lombardy to a full-bleed image with a ‘featured’ block in the lower-right corner.

An Interview With James Dunnigan * Patrick A. Flory
Game Analysis: Panzergruppe Guderian * Larry Lippert and Gregory Mumm
King Arthur vs. The Saxons * John Van Devender
Avalanche * Scott Renner
East Front: A Review * Mitch Gniadek
In Defense of Oil War * Mike Saunders
A Wargamer’s Index to Panzerfaust & Campaign * Roland Wong
Game Design: The Simulation as Game * Albert A. Nofi
Thumbnail Analysis * Don Lowry
The SDC Report * Dana Lombardy and T.P. Schweider
Miniature Warfare * Don Lowry
Book Review * Don Lowry
G2 Reports * Editor
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