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Publisher: Jerboa Wargames

Bayonets on Hold

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These are very simple and straightforward Napoleonic rules for miniatures, based on orders’ counters placed on the table face down. Orders directly determine unit’s actions and combat outcomes.

The rules are at Regiment’s level, the name by which units were known by Generals, therefore minutia pertaining to the Company and Battalion organization are not directly addressed, they must be considered as factored-in.

The scale and abstraction levels are best represented by 1:100 (15 mm) miniatures or smaller.

There is minimal use of dice, for marginal effects only.

Any basing system will work, no base modifications required.

There are no markers, bookkeeping or cumbersome tables.
Note: if not using the base offset system proposed, shaken markers will be required.



Miniatures Scale: 1:100 (15 mm) or smaller

Simulation level: Regiment’s level; mildly abstract.

Speed: very fast.

Solo potential: very high.

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