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Your home away from home, but with explosions Private Military Company

Do you have a large multi-crew ship but no one to crew it? Wishing to be part of a crew of a large ship heading to combat or a worksite? Want a free security detail as you mine, trade or explore? Enabling trade and relieve throughout crisis through our morally right smuggling operations.? Do you want a safe haven from a solo run and wishing to be with people you can trust and care for? Then join the Arivd Protectorate Navy today where we look out for each other, whether as part of a crew or simply spending time with each other over comms.

We’re an RP optional PMC that dabbles in everything so we can keep our costs down while letting our members explore everything this game has to offer. We also don’t enforce attendance, so you’re free to wait until you’re ready to play or just wanting to see how we are first. We also won’t kick you for inactivity so you’re more then safe if you’re waiting for more of the game to be done. We’re also focusing on growing internationally so we can have members on all the time and help keep things active for everyone. We now have active members on all day from 00:00 to 23:00 so feel free to pop in and say hello. And if you’re a smaller org and wanting support feel free to ask on our server.

If your looking at Mining, Reclamation or logistics we even have a dedicated group.

Recycle Depot

If you have any questions feel free to PM here or hop on over to our server and ask anyone available.

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