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The world has changed and so much that we have taken for granted has changed, its like a role playing story come to life and our thoughts go out to everyone effected.

I have been a keen role player in the past and overtime lost contact with many of the people I played with, so many hours of fun company and imaginative gaming, from the fanatical DM and his models through to the controlling player who ruined the game it was all fun in one way or another.

As the years passed other matters became more important peoples lives changed and we lost contact, my sons kept an interest and I slowly started looking at a selection of board games trying to spark my interest again and in some ways it worked as the generally simple gameplay made me to start to use my imagination to play again and this slowly moved me towards thinking about RPG and taking part again.

I will freely admit I am no spring chicken anymore so the thought of sitting at a table with a group munching snacks drinking fizzy pop or beer was appealing but the reality of so many hours often perched on a stool didn’t appeal to me let alone a bunch of strangers roiling up at my house, so the idea was a problem as I needed more than just one player.

I then had the fortune to stumble across a player, a DM called DoomHippy, he had a radical approach to gaming and his style was factual and players beware could be expletive, we started to talk and he explained he had been using a few online platforms to try and encourage people to play, he had invested in several platforms however they suffered from issues with content creation were often expensive and were policed by trolls who had tried to alter his ideas and subsequently caused unfairly his services to be suspended, I thought to myself this needs further investigation.

After a bit of digging I could see that the sites discussed had issues, not least the inability to create really interesting content but some real issues with users, we managed to have a few games on the systems but they were not very good.

With a background in a mixture of vocations I started to think I can build something better and before I commenced I stumbled on Fantasy grounds.

So I need to be transparent, is this an advert, yes and no, yes it is an advert in respect to a well thought through comprehensive RPG service but no as our only benefit is to tell you how much we love it, Fantasy grounds doesn’t have affiliate links and certainly doesn’t sponsor anyone.

The reality:

The reality is often different than expectations and swapping from a physical environment to a PC, Mac or Linux based system may seem daunting and with all things new there is a learning curve, a good DM can help and the system has lots of games run by enthusiastic DMs who often run beginners games, a couple of sessions and you start to realize this is really good.

I am not going to bombard you with images as we are going to post some play through videos in the near future, but lets just say if the DM is smart ours is you can integrate modules often purchasable with expansions and sometimes free to make the mundane parts of the game a fun experience, I am certainly no expert yet but seeing hit points being deducted automatically and being able to search and access data in game is so cool.

So where going to create some more content a page for this service a quick reference guide and I encourage you as you must have an interest if you found this article to sign up, the basic tier is free as a demo but if the DM has the ultimate pack you can actually play free, the assumption being this is the type of game they are running.

On the flip side the amount for a membership isn’t that much so you may wish to support the product creator and join if you would like to learn more have a look at the development history.

To take part and sign up click on the image below.

In these difficult times I can say if you have ever been into playing a form of RPG I recommend you to have a look at this service, make new friends and have some adventures, we are, for more information visit the Fantasy grounds web site or take a look at our fantasy grounds web page.