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New worldI was lucky enough to try this by pre-ordering through Amazon and other friends and family had also purchased, 2 out of of 4 have refunded.

My experience:

The tutorial failed, press x to skip.

I cannot review this on Amazon or steam so here we go. 

The graphics are fantastic, however the mundane walking, the need to collect items to level up although implemented in a different way to other types of similar games was an expected but real pain.

Yes this is a beta and the need for a server restart in my 4 hours of ply happened twice, no monsters.

I will say the menus and the way the systems have been done looks wonderful, however it misses many of the features that we like, for example quest sharing.

Several of us had headaches, we felt sick, note the warning at the start, we dont have an issue with other lumberyard projects.

The game is also setup so you have to grind, some like that but it seems extreme to me and is potential a big time sink, mindless and no skill are words that come to mind.

Yes it may suit some but think many will  say no and stop playing.

We had high hopes but this is not for us!

We are not even keeping it installed for the beta period and this post is only a few minutes before we all delete.

Amazon studios, 10/10 for trying 1 / 10 for the beta. 10/10 for the trial. 

Its also important to say Amazon does not let you review a pre order, and steam is the same, that doesnt realy help anyone does it and suggests we are being manipulated in some way. 

If your interested in the game pre order while you can from Amazon to avoid paying for something that may not be for you.