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Publisher: Mario Magni


Wars is a game system created to handle three-dimensional wargames with historical and/or fantasy miniatures.

It is a generic system that can be adapted to different settings. From one version to the other the rules change accordingly to the type of units available, strategies and potential special rules.

The goal of the game is to win the battle, forcing the enemy army to surrender. This being obtained when sufficient number of enemy units has been eliminated.

Wars rules system wants to be quick and enjoyable offering the possibility to run amusing battles where creativity and imagination can easily make up for lack of scenic elements.

This edition is set for simulation of ancient period battles.

The system includes two methods to create your army: the first one is to use one of the historical armies provided with the game; in this case you can simply select the number and type of units defined by the army and start your battle. 

The second approach allows the quick creation of a random army as follows: draw four of the eleven Army Cards available in the game and use those units to make your army following the respective limitations. In addition, six strategic cards are drawn to further specialise the army with twists to be played during battle or upgrades to the selected units.

The alternating activation system of the Wars generals creates a perfect balance between reality and stage fiction. Wars a system simple to learn but not trivial to master.

The rules kit is composed of the following elements:

22 army cards
32 Strategy cards
113 Detachments bases
Terrain Tiles (Hills, Woods, Swamp)
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