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Publisher: FoxCraft

The Alien Hive is a set of stl files allowing you to build your own modular alien nest, or possibly a weird fantasy monsters lair. 

Files have been scaled for 28mm miniatures but, as with all 3D printable files, you have the ability to scale them up or down to suit your gaming needs. The alien eggs in particular look great at a variety of sizes. 

What you get


A large number of files for designing your Alien Hive


Attachments can be added to the walls and columns at any hexagon cell.

Also included are two files for extending the aslien hive into another FoxCraft set, ‘The Corridors of Fate’


Physical Prints

The majority of the models in this photo are available in this set although a few are from the Alien Hive Add-on Pack


The Alien HivePrice: $30.00