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Publisher: BAUEDA WARGAMES S.a.s.

STL-48ASR03 Ruined rural outbuildings SUPER DETAILED 28mm 1:56 / 1:48

STL-48ASR03 Ruined rural outbuildings and yard walls for WW2 Belgium and France. Amazing detail, historical accuracy and overall quality!

Designed for 1:48 – 1:56 (28mm) but easily scalable from 15mm to 1:32 (we tested that!)

25 unique parts making up:
1 x ruined stone lean-to (8 parts)
1 x Wooden shed (3 parts)
1 x Outhouse (2 parts)
1 x courtyard wall straight and corner section with door
1 x low parapet wall section
1 x farmyard wall (1 straight, 1 corner, 2 different ruined sections)

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