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Publisher: PERMES

SteamPunk Santa 2020

This very special XMAS 2020 set contains front and back artwork 30mm scale papercraft ready to cut figurines of SteamPunk Santa Anno Domini 2020 driving various steampunk vehicles, with bags full of gifts and presents!

Set includes additional MOD-KIT page with figurines parts and accessories, so you can modify or assemble your very own/unique versions.

Steampunk Santa 2020 - PERMES XMAS Special Free Set - preview

The final page to print out includes a selection of 3 different bases (ice, snowy, and rock) to cut to size and fit to your completed minis. All minis, parts, accessories and elements of scenery are 300dpi 30mm front and back full colour artwork suitable both for RPG and wargaming

We hope you will enjoy adding PERMES paper minis, scenery and props to your game worlds!

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PERMES Cardboard Models

PS. If you prefer more traditional Santa riding chariot with reindeer mounts, you can also download Free version from FREE and DEMO Permes publisher section.

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