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Publisher: Alpha Strike Games Limited

SolCorps: Colonial War is a gonzo homebrew tabletop game set in a dystopian future where corporations exploit the solar system and war for resources and control of humanity.

The game is minis agnostic, so you can use any proxy for units you like, or even print out and use the tokens that are provided.

The ruleset is comparable to similar games such as BattleTech and Adeptus Titanicus, but is intended to be more rules-lite than either of those.

This is the Special Edition of the core rulebook, with all the content revisited and improved where needed. Layout has been improved and new art added. Every unit gets a page dedicated to it, and the hex map for missions has been divided into twelve 7×12 sections for much better printer resolution.

As well as the main rules, the core rulebook includes:

An army list for the faction ConTek.
An army list for the faction Yashuda.
Two challenging missions – Break on Through and Capture the Facilities.
A hex map to print and play those missions on.
A reference sheet.
Counters, tokens. Specials and Critical Effects cards for printing.

Any person who makes a contribution that comes from their playing, that we use, will be given credit as a play-tester if they want it. Drop by Other Games on to find the author, AlphaAsh.

We have quite a few plans for future material for the game. More factions, missions, maps and rules.

Whether this book sells or not probably won’t make a difference to us publishing that anyway, but if you enjoy the game, tell your friends and leave us a rating. Then we’ll know you want more sooner rather than later!

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