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Publisher: Vyacheslav Batalov

Imagine yourself as a Russian commander on the far southern border of the Empire. form a small group of brave men: siberian cossacks, border infantry and light artillery.

Infantry of the southern frontier – experienced veterans of the fighting in the desert.

Cossacks – the universal cavalry. They can attack the enemy with pikes and sabers like lancers. They can form teams of mounted skirmishers. The album contains both types of squads.

Your Artillery is represented by a modern cannon and a multi-barrelled mitralose of the Gatling system. We are sure that you will need both modifications.

The colorful album contains 9 color sheets for self-printing and making game figures. Stands and bases are not included in the album and are made by the players themselves in accordance with the requirements of the selected rules of the game.

The author of the drawings is inspired by rules like “The men who would be kings” and “Rebells and Patriots”. We hope this album will delight fans of this game and many other games too.

Siberian Bear. Generic Russian-style army in Middle Asia 1864-1880.Price: $10.00