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Publisher: FoxCraft

Welcome to the winter adventures of Santyr Klaw, the dwarven adventurer wielding his trusty ice hammer ‘Frosty’. Santyr would make a great addition to your miniatures collection but also makes for a great Christmas decoration!


What you get

You get the stl files for the dwarven adventurer himself, Santyr Klaw.

The files are scaled for 28mm, but as with all 3d printable files you can rescale the miniatures to suit you’re gaming needs. 


Physical Prints

Ideally you’ll want to print Santyr using a resin printer, however as of designing this model I haven’t got one of those yet. 

I’ve printed Santyr using my fdm printer, an up box plus. The files come scaled for 28mm and although my printer could print off the model at that scale the details weren’t great (see below).  Upping the scale to 200% and Santyr turns out pretty well on an fdm machine. The larger you go, the better he’ll look.


Santyr printed at 200% size on an fdm 3d printer.


Santyr KlawPrice: $3.00