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Publisher: RagnarokHM

Ragnarok: Dawn of the Heavens’ Massacre

This fully customizable strategy game takes place in a world with 8 realities on the verge of another cataclysmic war. The last war that occurred over a trillion years ago was so terrifying and destructive it was named the Heavens’ Massacre by those fortunate to survive.

Now a trillion years worth of conflicts, discourse and catastrophic wars between realities, realms and domains is leading to another great war. A war where even the undyings will end and the eternals will cease. The dawn of another Heavens’ Massacre is upon us, at last the dreaded Ragnarok is at hand.

What is Ragnarok: DHM?

Ragnarok: DHM is….

  • A fully immersive strategy game. From building decks to playing the game, players must draw upon their critical thinking skills at every step to calculate the perfect strategy, and emerge victorious.

  • A magical world filled with exciting experiences, wonders and adventures waiting for you and your friends and family to explore and enjoy.

  • A game filled with endless posibilities and customizations. Each card in this game has different variations that players can choose from to create a fun, unique and competitive gaming experience. Each gameplay will never be the same.

                        Rise of the Buran Clan :  Unique Imposing Great Creatures Booster Pack.


Squall Celestial, Aeria Buran:

“For countless millennia our once glorious clan have been suppressed. Because our ancestors died in the Heavens’ Massacre they said our clan had no right to our lands. They drove us from our worlds, chased us from our realms and now we hide like cowards in our domains. Now that I’m the head of the clan, we will shrink back no more. From today onwards we will take back what belonged to us. We will show our enemies and all realities the power of Buran!”

What’s included? The latest unique great creatures of the Buran clan expansion. 

  • The game details and gameplay instructions documents.

  • 3x copies of 6 unique Imposing great creatures.

  • 18 cards in total.

Rise of the Buran Clan: Unique Imposing Great CreaturesPrice: $4.00