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Publisher: Chimeric Creations

“Dreaded across the civilized world, Raddak’s Raiders descend on villages in the dead of night to loot, plunder, and enslave the local populations.  The cruelty of these dark elves knows no bounds – these fearsome fighters are responsible for putting many peaceful hamlets to the flame, leaving charred buildings and broken lives in their wake.”

Raddak’s Raiders: A Dark Elf Warband contains a collection of 25-20mm paper miniatures intended for tabletop RPGs and wargames.  They are provided in two unique color schemes, as well as black and white line art to create your own unique design.  Each printed set provide the following:

  • Raddak, Dark Elf Lord w/ Great Weapon

  • Ashraka, Dark Elf Sorceress

  • Dark Elf Warriors w/ Hand Weapons and Shields (3 unique poses)

  • Riders w/ Crossbows on Dark Elven Steeds (2 unique poses)

  • Dark Elf Elite Guard w/ Halberds (2 unique poses) 

Formatted to quickly cut out and fold, these miniatures can have you ready to play a variety of tabletop RPGs and tabletop games quickly, easily, and at a low cost.

Selection of Miniatures

Selection of Miniatures

Example of Colors and Borders

Colors and Borders

Also included are a set of optional slide bases which gives you the option to give your miniatures a different terrain on their bases.

Raddak's Raiders: A Dark Elf WarbandPrice: $3.99