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Publisher: Art Fantasies

Consists of : (10) Graphic Poker Chip Images + (2) Basic chip images
Format: Zip file with JPEG (Images) and PDF (Print)

Personal Use only – Non-Commercial
You may use these as profile images and print as game art.


1: K9 – Canine
2: Big Slick
3: Turn Card
4: Dimes
5: 911
6: Jackpot
7: Valentines Day
8: Cutie
9: Nine to Five
10 Ducks
11:Blank Chip – Orange Diamonds
12: Blank Chip – Black Tie Suit

Are you a fan of poker?
I have incorporated a POKER CHIP with POKER CARD HAND THEMES.

In Texas-Holdem many of the two card and five card hands have game play nicknames. Words such as FULL HOUSE which is also called a “boat” or TWO ACES is called “bullets” or “pocket rockets. These word themes have been combined with 3d images, 3d girls and icons to create a graphic representation of the words.

I have included two bonus blank chip patterns with this set in case you want to make some of your own poker chip designs. Some of the characters you will see are available in my other graphic-packs!

While creating these I realized that many poker hand combinations do not have names, so I built some new representations in the hope they might catch on. Just like some of the 50’s nicknames which have faded out. So, you will see some new seven-card hands never visualised before.

Additional Sets are available for sale.
Price: Less than 20 cents per image.
*Note this set contains images only, no actual playing chips will be sent.


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