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Publisher: Mike Lambo

Outpost 2099 propels you to the end of the 21st Century when humankind has discovered the means to travel far and deep into the Universe that was, until then, a mystery. Establishing research Outposts on distant planets has proven difficult, not least because the Aliens do not want us there. It is your task to complete the research task at each Outpost and use the knowledge acquired to defeat the Alien threat once and for all.

This is a solitaire game where you play the game and the game controls the opponent Aliens. Move your Crew around inside the Outpost and Shoot from the Turrets, activate the Shield and Robots and other Outpost defences in order to fend off a constant wave of Aliens. And somehow find time to complete your research project. Only good planning and a bit of luck will allow you to survive.

Rules, counter sheet and 10 full colour Outpost ‘maps’ are included. You will need to provide six standard dice to play.

Complexity: 2/5
Players: 1
Time per game: 30 to 50 minutes

Price: $9.99Read More