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Publisher: FoxCraft

The Necromancers Study

The Necromancers Study features a necromancer and his place of relaxation. Not that he looks relaxed, he’s pointing and shouting. The undead are known to have terrible hearing. The study includes a desk, a bench, a cabinet, a bookcase, an armchair and a gargoyle covered chimney all sitting on an octagonal base.

The study is designed for 28mm scale but as with all 3d printable models you can easily scale it to suit your needs.  The study can be printed using filament or resin printers and presupported files are included (unsupported and .lys also included). The necromancer comes pre-supported at both 28mm scale and 32 mm scale (the necromancer is designed for resin printing only).

Printed and Painted models

filament print of the study – painted

Resin print of the study

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