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Publisher: Mario Magni

Have you sometimes thought about entering the world of wargaming playing well known rules like De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) or De Bellis Moltitudinis (DBMM) but you don’t have the required miniatures? A lot of players don’t have the time, resources or the ability to paint an entire army, but still are very interested on ancient and medieval wargaming.
Minature Bases: Ancient is the answer for you! You will find here all the 2D miniatures you need to play DBA, DBMMor any other ancient wargame set of rules (or design your own rules!).
The miniatures are scaled for the 15mm play (40mm wide, 20..60mm depth) using the DBA/DBMMdirections. You’ll find here more than 30 different bases, in two different colours: the PDF allows to print the bases with or without the DBA code, and on each page you can select the type of units you want to print, to minimise the printing costs. All you need to do is print and mount the miniatures, and start your first game.


Overview of the product, printing informations and unit summary
Blue Army miniatures: 165 miniatures, 33 different types
Red Army miniatures: 165 miniatures, 33 different types

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